Steve Jobs to deliver Macworld San Francisco 2005 Keynote Address

IDG World Expo today announced that Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, will deliver the opening keynote address for Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2005 on Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. Macworld will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center January 10-14, 2005.

“This is the biggest Macintosh community event of the year and we’re looking forward to a great show,” said David Korse, president & CEO of IDG World Expo in the press release. “We are thrilled that Steve is going to kick off another exciting Macworld with a keynote address.”

Additional event highlights and registration information are available on the Macworld Conference & Expo Web site at .

Owned and produced by Framingham Mass.-based IDG World Expo, Macworld Conference & Expo is the world’s most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. Macworld Conference & Expo showcases products and services for professionals involved in media and creative content development for corporate and home applications, as well as prosumers using the Mac at home. Macworld Conference & Expo brings together the loyal base of Mac OS audiences in creative services, education, application development, entertainment, small office/home office and Internet-based environments. Macworld Conference & Expo offers professionals and prosumers alike the opportunity to discover the latest developments and hottest products these markets offer. For more information or to register for the event, please visit the Web site at


  1. Not exactly shocking news – I would have been more concerned if SPJ wasn’t doing the keynote.

    That said, roll on January – iLife 05, flash-based iPods, 2nd generation iPod minis (6GB anyone).

  2. It’s a bit early, but here goes…
    1) Final Preview of Tiger and announcement of ship date.
    2) New PowerBook line with FreeScale CPUs
    New PowerBooks include built-in iSight Cam
    12″ 1.6 gHz 400mHz Bus & 64 MB Graphics
    15″ 1.8 gHz 600mHz Bus & 128MB Graphics
    17″ 1.8 gHz Dual Core w 600mHz Bus & 128 MB Graphics
    3) New iBook line with FreeScale CPUs
    New iBooks include built-in iSight Cam
    12 & 14″ w 1.6 gHz CPU 400mHz Bus & 64 MB Graphics
    4) Speed bump for PowerMac G5 line & X-Server
    5) Price Drop on iMac G5
    17″ 1.6GB now $1199
    17″ 1.8GB now $1399
    20″ 1.8GB now $1799
    6) New eMac line with FreeScale CPUs
    7) Updated miniPod line w new pricing
    4GB disk based now at $199.99
    1GB Flash Based at $149.99
    8) Updated iPods
    10 GB at $249
    20 GB at $299
    40 GB at $349 40GB Photo at $399
    60 GB Photo at $499

  3. hell, that would be cool, all I want is tiger ship date, and flash ipod, the ipod photo won’t be going down in price, the isight cam in all laptops is crazy talk.

    I think I saw somewhere that they were going to update the low end powerbook to 13.2 in screen. I can see a small speed bump on all powerbooks.

  4. pczone that is some serious stuff. It’s too much. Apple will spread it out. Your wrong about the ibooks they were just updated. y would they go back and offer the 10 gig for 249. You think they’ll lower the mini to 199. what is freescale. I say Ipod flash. Tiger ship date. G5 powerbook 1.6 and 1.8 Ghz or probably new G4. You think they’ll lower the price for the imac.

  5. 1)The new Freescale chips will allow for a faster system bus, consume less power and are pin for pin compatible with the current G4 line. They are also on a 90nm fab, allowing for more cost efficient production which usually translates to a lower cost.
    2)The easiest way to increase the usage of iChat is to include a camera in the laptop line. If a cellphone can have a camera, why not in the frame of a laptop- Sony already makes sub-notebooks with this feature.
    3)The flash based miniPod will be coming in January. A $50 price reduction on the 4GB miniPod to $199 and 1GB FlashPod will make the iPod more popular than ever and take share from the enemy camp.
    4) The eMac is due for a freshening and the new FreeScale chipset will be the right chip at the right time.
    5) IBM has new 90nm PPC chips ready for prime time that are not currently being used in any existing Apple product. The obvious choice would be PowerMac G5 and X-Server.
    6) With a first-half 2005 launch of Tiger, MacWorld will be the place to unveil it and announce the availability date.

  6. All of you Mac people must be dying to get to San Fran to see Steve. Tell me if this is true… I’ve heard that you Mac people like to circle jerk to an image of good old Steve. Tell me is he wearing a black turtleneck?

  7. We just like to see a superior product get better and better. That product is a great tool that allows us to express our creative abilities in painting, drawing, music, photography, writing, video as well as enhance our enjoyment of our other avocations. It also allows us to get our regular work done more efficiently- something a PeeCee user can only dream of.
    I wouldn’t expect a PeeCee Troll to understand, as a Windows PC is something you spend most of your time MAINTAINING rather than using.

  8. Two thoughts,

    1. Well duh! Of course he’s giving the keynote.
    2. Yes, it’s the “biggest Macintosh community event of the year” and it is still toooooooo close to Christmas. Don’t buy your friends Apple products for Xmas (the thinking goes every year) Apple will just make it obsolete two or three weeks after they take the wrapping off!

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