Rush Limbaugh calls for Apple iCal to Sidekick solution

“I still can’t find a wizard that can come up to write a program that will export my calendar from iCal so I can get into my Sidekick,” Rush Limbaugh told a caller on his radio show yesterday. “It will export it but like Thanksgiving shows up on November the 10th. Christmas shows up on March the 1st — and this is chump change! I’ve been asking somebody to write a program, because I use Apple’s iCal program, and I’ve got a Sidekick, which is the Mac version of the BlackBerry, and I keep my calendar and all the contact data on the computer. I want to I export it to my Sidekick so I can have it when I take it with me, and it just can’t be done — and a simple triple click? I’m about to the point of offering serious money for somebody could do it.”

“I’m now getting deluged with e-mail from people who have found for me a program iCal to Sidekick. I have that program, and it is a program that goes back to 2002. People are sending me the web address for VersionTracker. It’s a great website out there to get the latest version of software for the Mac OS or for anything else, and I have iCal to Sidekick. But the Mac OS has been, you know, revved and upgraded many times since iCal to Sidekick came out in December of 2002 — and the author, the lazy bum author of iCal the Sidekick, has not revved his program. It’s still a beta that came out in December 2002. Now, it did work for a while. It worked for a while, but all of a sudden the Mac OS gets updated and now dates… It’s really… I really don’t want to spend all this time talking because most people don’t know what I’m talking about here,” Limbaugh said.

“I’ll just tell you this: All-day events, whatever calendar I have — home, work, moon phase, whatever — if I list it as an all-day event like holidays or listed all day events rather than a specific start ask stop time all day events show up on totally inaccurate dates that make no sense. Christmas is on February 3rd, you know, and so I’ve been trying to get a new rev of this. There’s no new rev. There may be now that I’m publicly whining about it, but there hasn’t been up till now. So this rev hasn’t been done. I’ve been seeking programmers for a price to commission my own program. I’m just mentioned all this because this is a simple one, and look how difficult it is to make work,” Limbaugh said.

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  1. I heard this call. The reason they were discussing it was the caller was a computer programer who callled in to discuss how hard it would be to “hack” into the voting machines and change the code and thus the votiong results; something alot of liberals have been discussing since the election. Limbaugh then went on to discuss the difficulty of writing code by citing his sidekick example….


  2. Limbaugh has been a serious advocate of the Mac platform for years, routinely championing it (without compensation) on his show. He used to relay stories of his repeated attempts to pitch Apple, but said it was “not interested.”

    I have not listened to him in a couple of years on a regular basis, so I don’t know how much — if at all — he has been mentioning it.

  3. I know. This long prior to Kerry, though. IIRC, the Apple line was something to the effect that it did not want a “political” spokesperson, which I certainly can understand. Again, IIRC, Limbaugh’s take was Apple did not want a “right” political spokesperson.

    To his credit (at least at the time) he still opined heavily in favor of Apple/MacOS, despite Apple’s apparent cold shoulder.

    I remember he was a passionate advocate for the platform at a time when the ship was sinking after Big Business had long settled on WinTel.

    Like him/his politics or not, he was very outspoken on MacOS, even though Apple was in some of its darkest days. And he never wavered or backtracked on his commitment to the Mac.

  4. Well I guess the ying yang symbol principle applies everywhere. In the black half of the symbol there is a small circle of white, which in this case represents the fact that Rush is an Apple advocate.

  5. You mean Steve Jobs and Al Gore actually sleep together? I don’t think you meant “literally in bed with.” I think you meant that Al Gore is literally on the Apple board. I’m so tired of people using the term “literally” incorrectly. I’m literally tired of it. I’m going to take a nap.

  6. Ah it may be difficult to hack e-voting but the problem is it is NOT impossible.

    Also and more worrisome is who say’s it has to be a hack to effect the voting. What ‘IF” the maker of these voting machines places a “VIRI” like app or firmware option that can be turned off or removed at a whim when it is tested by third parties. Then it is NOT a hack..but a fix.

    This is NOT impossbile either…and I’ve yet to hear any reasonable explination why this will or would not happen.

    “Every single day I wake expecting and asking NOTHING from life, and each day I am pleasantly surprised by what I get”

    Pagan jim

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