Report: Portable Media Center ‘build it and they will come’ strategy unlikely to be successful

“With the explosion of online music services and the success of portable music players, particularly Apple


  1. Captain Steve’s orders: Steady the course, make more sail for the Christmas season – then reef the top gallants and watch for burdie bits before the warm currents.

  2. “only 1.5% of Internet consumers currently use on online movie download service such as CinemaNow or MovieLink.”

    Ah yes.. that’s the Market Share Gates deserves.. about the same as Apple *hmph

  3. Again, Microsoft displays no understanding of what the consumer needs or wants by focusing time, money, and personnel on PMC’s.

    Yet Longhorn languishes 10 years past its original promised date of release. Not only is Longhorn late born, but the best hope now for Windows users is such a stripped down version of Longhorn that it can be best described as a minimal upgrade to XP.

    Bill Gate�s epitaph, �I couldn�t, I wouldn�t, I didn�t.�


    Netnewswire used to take me directly to the article but since your move it ALWAYS takes me to the front page where I have to click again to get to the article. It worked fine before. I tried re-subscribing but it didn’t help.

  5. We can view music videos on the iTMS. These, I believe, are the start to selling music videos online. I for one would love to own many music videos produced over the 20+ years. Live performances from various singers/groups such as those shown on VH1 Classics would also be cool to own. I suppose I could capture these from the TV but I just don’t have the time.

    That having been said, I’d have no desire to watch these on my iPod. I would like to be able to make a music video playlist to broadcast to my TV(s) for a party or just hanging around the house. Having that playlist on an iPod for connection to a friends TV has appeal.

    We’ll see the mass distribution of 3-4 minute videos long before we see mass distribution of 90+ minute movies.

    Apple is right on course.

  6. Hell, I would rather spend $180 (as opposed to at least $500 for a PMC) on a portable DVD player that has a much bigger screen than a PMC, plus it can the same things (display photos, play music, etc).

    The PMC just doesn’t make sense to me. Why spend all the time illegally ripping DVDs and copying to some overpriced device when you can just put the DVD in a player that is less than half the price of a PMC?

    Microsoft = Microdumb

  7. Expect Steve Bullshit to come out and say that all PMC users are criminals and pirates. Well hey he is well on the way to madness so by the time PMC becomes popular he will be in a straightjacket, dribling and unable to distinguish between reality and Pirates of the Carribean.

  8. spyinthesky, Steve Jobs is what Bill Gates aspires to be. That’s all he can do for Gates never came close to having creative genius nor creative vision. Screwing the customer and reinventing others’ products is what he/MS is really really good at.

  9. MS Blaster, this is a good point, but what they are looking at is wireless live news and similar programming to, basically, cell phones, where the audio is still the main driver. Quite different from what PMCs are all about .

  10. This cracks me up. Quote from an article about the launch of XP Media Center Edition 2005:

    “Curiously, some Media Centers will lack TV features, as Microsoft believes some people will want it simply for audio-streaming and viewing digital pictures.”

    So viewing video is important for a geeky hand held gizmo but not a desktop machine designed to play media??? The company is so incredibly visionary aren’t they.

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