Apple and Veterans Advantage salute veterans and their families with up to 17% savings

Apple Salutes Veterans and their families with up to 17% savings and free shipping and free 90-day support on its laptops and desktops, software, peripherals & electronics. Even the world-famous iPod!

Veterans Advantage Members are entitled to receive up to 17% off Apple hardware through our special online store only for Veterans Advantage, as well as everyday savings on Apple software & peripherals. Veterans Advantage is a private company that seeks to aggregate significant benefits, from consumer goods to travel and financial services, for veterans and their families.

You can save hundreds on Apple products–including the world-famous iPod digital music player and iPod mini. Apple is proud to offer the members of Veterans Advantage the following discounts and benefits to thank you for your service:

– Everyday Savings discounts on Apple’s complete line of PowerBooks, iBooks, iPods, iMacs, AirPorts and Apple branded software
– Special promotions, even on third-party products
– Free standard shipping on orders over $50
– Free 24×7 technical support

More info here.


  1. “how can they tell if you are a veteran or not?

    it has nothing to do with whether they can tell, it has everything to do with whether you actually are a veteran or not, and whether or not you are capable of telling the truth.

    it is just that simple.


  2. ok so how can they tell if youre a veteran or not ? – mac dood

    It’s not Apple that needs the proof, all they have to do is ask for your membership.
    From the summary:
    Veterans Advantage Members are entitled to receive up to 17% off Apple …

  3. “Paul Thurrott” – I’m guessing you have no idea what the real Paul Thurrott thinks about anything, other than computers.

    You shouldn’t make assumptions!

  4. No president has increased veterans’ benefits like GWB.
    Would you stop your political nonsense on these threads, please–you are such a tiresome buffoon.

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