Washington Times: Is it absurd to spend $2,500 on a desktop computer? Not if it’s a Mac

“Is it absurd to spend $2,500 on a desktop computer? Well, that depends on who you are and what you want to do. If, like me, you are an Apple Macintosh fan, the $2,500 invested in a dual-processor Power Mac G5, with the CPU chips running at 1.8 GHz is not a totally bad idea,” Mark Kellner reports for The Washington Times.

“The Power PC G5 chip, introduced to much fanfare last year, is a 64-bit processor and delivers what Apple calls ‘an exponential increase’ in the machine’s computing power,” Kellner reports. “The 64-bit PowerPC G5 processor architecture lets the Power Mac G5 handle more tasks more quickly, as well as support up to 8GB of main memory


  1. What many seem to forget about the G5 is that most apps and the current OS are not fully, or sometimes at all, 64-bit aware. As Apple and others tap into the full power of the 970 chip those already with G5 Macs will see speed improve. The 970 is not about parity with the P4, it is the future. Heat issues have finally caught up with Intel.

  2. I can’t help you with the four Finnish girls or the three french bitches, but how about 2 rotten ass-clowns? Enderle and Thurott are always for sale–cheap.

  3. I dont like that he compared prices with a single? cpu PC. He should have compared the dual G5 with a dual Xeon or a Dual Opteron. That way the price comparison would have been more fair. the G5 is a professional workstation, not a home computer.

  4. “My test unit of the Power Mac G5 boasts a little less than 8GB of RAM, but it certainly has enough to handle my daily needs.”

    Chrissakes, what’s this guy trying to do, split atoms? Yeah, I think 8 GB of RAM is probably just barely enough to squeak by for his daily needs.

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