Apple’s iTunes software development kit for Windows spurs developers

“Independent software programmers are using new tools provided by Apple Computer to write add-on applications for the company’s iTunes music software, potentially expanding the software’s appeal,” John Borland reports for CNET News. “Early in the month, the company quietly released a Windows-based software development kit for its media player. The tools provide instructions on how to let other programs talk to iTunes. A similar set of instructions for Macintosh computers had long been available.”

“The tools do not go so far as to allow other media players to play songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store, but they do allow a variety of applications to extend iTunes use. For instance, using the tools, a developer could write new software that launches and controls iTunes remotely,” Borland reports. “iTunes has been the subject of occasionally intense interest from independent programmers during the past year, particularly since the release of the iTunes software for Windows in October.”

Borland reports, “Some of this activity followed the release of an earlier software development kit that focused on visual applications. An Apple representative said that the development kit was simply intended to give programmers the same tools they are available for the Macintosh. ‘There’s nothing new here except that it’s for Windows,’ said spokesman Chris Bell, Apple’s director of product marketing for the iTunes line of software.”

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