Apple Computer ranks 49th in April 2004 Top 50 U.S. Internet Property Rankings

Internet audience measurement service comScore Media Metrix today announced the Top 50 U.S. Internet Properties for the month of April 2004. In April, the active online population across U.S. home, work and university PCs totaled 155.1 million people. A wide range of factors, including Easter, Mother’s Day and a number of creative online promotions, drove this month’s major traffic shifts. ranked 49th with 10,743,000 unique visitors followed by Hewlett Packard with 10,657,000. Yahoo! Sites ranked 1st with 113,190,000 unique visitors.

Full list and more information here.


  1. The real way to count them would be to set the default page to blank on all the web browsers by default and let the users do what they want.

    For example, my friend has AOL dial-up, but the problem is that I do not need any of the junk that comes along with it. I just need the connection so that I can telnet. However, every time I connect, I am sure it opens at least three windows with all AOL sites in it. This gets counted by default.

  2. IT guy, I understand this to be looking at unique visitors, so your friend would only count once for the entire month. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but that’s what it appears to me.

    m$ was #3?!? How many people didn’t update their computers? If more people are hitting Yahoo than m$, then there are a lot of folks who ought to switch to Macs, because mainenance is obviously not something they’re doing. (I know Macs aren’t maintenance free, but they’re a whole lot closer than windoze.) Perhaps a banner ad at Yahoo saying, “Tired of computer maintenance, leave the dark side behind, get a Mac!”

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