Middle East likely to get chain of ‘Apple Centres’

“Having made recent inroads into the IT retail sector, Arab Business Machines (ABM) – regional distributor for Apple – is looking to set up the first chain of ‘Apple Centres’ in the Middle East. The proposed outlets will form the base for ABM to diversify its revenue stream and reduce its dependence on sales to corporates and organisations. The UAE and Lebanon are being mentioned as possible launch markets,” Gulf News Online reports.

“‘We have not reached a final decision on our strategy vis-


  1. Hey, here we go again! Shall we end it now? LAST POST! Yeah, here I go trying again ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. theloniusMac

    Iraq is not the only country in the Middle East and that comment of your reflects your wide geographical knowledge.

    Maybe you shouldn’t use sarcasm on people who can�t envoy the same standards you do.


  3. Boeing777,

    First learn to spell, and then maybe you’ll have a leg to stand on when criticizing the knowledge of others.

    And while you’re learning how to spell, be sure to take the time to look up the word “proofread” in a dictionary.

  4. readonly, why do you change nicknames?

    You should know the difference between bad spelling and a typo don’t you?

    Yet, I don’t seem to see the relevance of your comment? You show hatred for a suggestion I made to another nickname.

    If you enjoy (not envoy) making fun of deprived people; then suit yourself. But don�t try to blame spelling. It�s just pathetic.


  5. man why do u displike the middle east? what has it done to u? iRaq? ha ha yeah nice joke…some of u’s are so full of urself – bush is a numstick, and the middle east is not just iraq

  6. Boeing777,

    Why do you assume there was a nickname change? More than six billion people in the world, and yet I can’t be someone other than theloniusMac?

    And yes, I know that a mispelled word can be a typo. Hence my suggestion you find the word “proofread” in a dictionary. Then you would know that proofreading is used to catch typos. Then you can correct the typos, so you don’t look sad when trying to slap others on the wrist.

    I show no hatred here, only annoyance.

    I don’t enjoy making fun of those who aren’t as well off as me, and I happen to find the “iPods for iRaqis” statement rather amusing. You see, what makes it fun is the spelling. And I don’t believe any “iRaqis” were hurt in the making of the statement.

    I can’t help but feel that what is truly pathetic here is your sense of humor.

    “Peace” to you.

    And concerning Apple’s plans for expanding their market in the Middle East–I’m glad to hear it. (Just trying to keep on-topic.)

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