New virtual reality website launched featuring Apple’s QuickTime VR

Kaidan Incorporated, a leading provider of Photographic VR solutions for the Internet, is pleased to announce their support of a new virtual reality website, FULLSCREENQTVR.COM, which
launched last week. This QuickTime VR (QTVR) website will serve as a directory of high-quality, full-screen QTVRs on the Internet. QuickTime VR is an award-winning photorealistic cross-platform virtual reality technology from Apple Computer, Inc., that makes it possible to explore places as if you were really there. Locations are numerous and varied, including amazing interior views of the Vatican, inaccessible Egyptian tombs, detailed interior and exterior views of the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and the latest breathtaking panoramic images from NASA’s Mars rovers. Kaidan has offered their support in the effort to launch this month.

Hans Nyberg of and Marco Trezzini of VRMAG, after working on the idea of a website directory of full-screen QTVRs for many months, launched the first stage of the website with links to hundreds of full-screen panoramas. With the prior strong success of’s “Full Screen Panorama of the Week”, the popularity and appeal of full screen QTVR panoramas was amply demonstrated. Other founding technology partners include Canon, Fuji, Kodak, REALVIZ, and ZOOMIFY.

Marco Trezzini, founder of VRWAY and editorial director of VRMAG, notes, “Kaidan, with their President, Jim Anders, are well-known and long-term players in the VR industry. An energetic and creative network of strategic and technological alliances allows them to keep innovating the market with state- of-the-art solutions for the entry-level photographers, as well as for the high-end market. We welcome Jim and Kaidan as a founding technology partner for FULLSCREENQTVR.COM, having provided over the years equipment to so many of us. I still have my first panoramic tripod head, bought when my team took their first steps in the panoramic industry. It was a KiWi +, bought from Kaidan, ages ago, back in 1998 and I eagerly look forward to their next generation of panoramic tripod heads.”

Jim Anders of Kaidan adds, “We’re very excited and honored to be a part of FULLSCREENQTVR.COM. Marco and Hans have done a fantastic job over the years with QTVR technology and their latest effort is just stunning. This year will see exciting and major new product releases from Kaidan that will bring this kind of full-screen imagery within the budget and capabilities of everyone. Now, whenever anyone asks me what QTVR or interactive imaging is all about, I can simply point them to FULLSCREENQTVR.COM.”

Trezzini continues, “Our mission is to break down physical, geographic and cultural barriers by providing visual knowledge of the beauty of the world around us. It’s a tall order but once you’ve stood on top of Mount Everest, planted your feet on the soil of Mars, marveled at the beauty of the Vatican Basilica, and been a part of the raucous New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square, you’ll understand what we are striving to achieve.”

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  1. Cool site. QTVR is fun!

    And Apple’s own VR tools are in need of an update! They work in X… but only via Classic. Which doesn’t matter to me, since I got RealViz’s QTVR stitcher tools free with Lightwave ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I could have been clearer… QTVR playback is fine in X. Apple’s QTVR Authoring Tools are Classic-only and lack cubic VR support. Too bad–it’s a powerful package if Apple would update it.

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