Prince bypasses iTunes Music Store, others; launches own online music store

“Prince may have just signed a deal with major label Columbia Records, but that doesn’t mean he’s playing ball completely. The iconoclastic pop star — who once characterized a previous record contract with Warner Bros. as “institutional slavery” — is bypassing iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster in favor of his own Musicology Download Store at his site, [New Power Generation Music Club],” reports.

“The store features albums for $9.99 and individual tracks for 99 cents. Members of Prince’s NPG fan club may purchase tracks for 77 cents. The store carries Prince’s new material but not his most popular catalog works, like the 13 million-selling Purple Rain soundtrack, which are available through popular online music services,” reports.

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  1. “Dumb greedy midget!” – LOL!

    Yeah, um, well, he deos havea cult following of sorts, so if they know to go to his store and get his music maybe it’ll work out for him. But I would thnik that a lot of consumers wouldn’t know this, and try to find him in iTunes or others and not be able to , so would just by pass the man in purple all together.

    I bet’cha sooner or later ( probably later ) that you might see his name appear in the iTunes lists …

  2. A survey of the site shows that the songs are in WMA format.

    I love my iPod, and iTMS is great, but for my absolute favorite artists, I still get the CDs – call me nostalgic. I like the package =) I mention this because Prince is that kind of artist – not really mainstream anymore, but he has a devotional following.

    I think artists are better off giving away special mp3s to their fans, and leaving the selling to music stores…

  3. Gad, I hadn’t thought about Prince in years. Weird skinny dude, won a boat load of grammies in the 80’s for…..nothing really, I figured it was liberal guilt at the time. His selection on Kazaa is huge, so I guess he still has a following.

  4. Uh, define “bypass”.

    Parts of 14 of Prince’s albums are available on iTMS, and the eight full albums that iTMS carries are all $9.99 OR LESS.

  5. A quick check on iTunes Music Store shows all his old stuff.

    I’m not a fan of Prince either, but I did like the fact that he rebelled against the music machine long before others. The original reason to change his name from Prince to “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” was in response to some contract that said he could not record as Prince, wasn’t it?

    He’s weird and I don’t find him particulary talented, but I pity folks like Joe who have to find some reason to blame the liberals.

  6. Question is who cares? If this was Elvis or the Beatles people would be looking to purchase their music. Prince on the other hand isn’t a big deal at all

  7. You’re all missing the point. Prince has a huge, very devoted following (and yes he’s talented), and by having his own download service he has the luxury of giving the record companies the finger and keeping a much larger piece of the pie. He has never masked his loathing of the record companies, and has reached the enviable position (among recording artists) of not being beholden to them. He’s already made a shitload of money anyway, so it doesn’t matter to him if his catalog (which includes hundreds of unpublished songs) isn’t on any of the major services.

  8. Oops! Hit submit by accident. Prince also has a reputation as a control freak, so this isn’t at all surprising. No loss, those who want his music will know where to find it. Move along people, nothing to see here.

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