Harvard Law School conducts Apple iTunes case study

A research initiative of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, the “Digital Media Project,” has been posted online:

In recent months, iTunes, Apple’s Online Music Store,


  1. Fair. Play. Grown-up. 3 Macs/WinPCs. Unlimited ‘iPods’. 10 burns from a playlist. 99�.

    How many times can you listen to a song at Godfather Pizza for $1?

    Sure, it’s only a DRMed ‘file’ – which costs the RIAA nothing to reproduce – but you can listen to it guilt-free ‘forever’.

    iTMS isn’t a perfect solution, yet – but no one else has come close. And no one else seems to be trying to make it fair for the CUSTOMER, yet.

  2. I was able to read the summary report the actual Green Report apparently didn’t have the proper fonts embeddedd, and is unreadable on my machine. Anyone else experience this?

  3. Both the summary and the report from the Harvard site are perfectly readable in Preview on my TiBook 500 MHz, OS X 10.3.3.

    Using Safari, I clicked on the URLs for these PDF files, then saved them to disk from PDF Plugin version 2.0. Preview has no problems with the saved PDF files.

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