Apple can’t keep iPod mini on store shelves

“In search of a replacement for his broken MP3 digital music player, Nathan Ward had narrowed his choice to Apple’s iPod Mini and Dell’s Digital Jukebox by the time he visited an Apple Store in Dallas. “‘The Dell’s cheaper,’ Ward, 30, said Saturday as he examined a multihued array of $249 iPod Minis at the shop in Dallas’ trendy Knox-Henderson neighborhood. The Dell is usually the same price, but the company has temporarily slashed it by $50,” Jim Fuquay reports for The Star-Telegram.

“Ward left without making a decision, although Apple’s reputation for ease of use and the Mini’s business-card dimensions were appealing, he said. The Mini weighs less than 4 ounces, holds about 1,000 songs and is smaller than the wallet-sized standard iPod and Dell,” Fuquay reports. “Even if Ward had been ready to buy, he would have walked away from the Apple Store empty-handed. Demand for the iPod Mini has taken off since its Feb. 20 debut, but supplies are short.”

“At the Apple Store, the best shoppers can do is put their names on a waiting list. Several other area stores, including Foley’s, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA and Target, quickly sell out each time a shipment arrives,” Fuquay reports. “Apple, which makes one of every three MP3 players shipped to stores in the United States, said it took more than 100,000 orders for the Mini before the device’s debut. Apple’s Web site advises buyers to expect shipping to take one to three weeks.”

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  1. Apple can’t keep up with demand. Ha, ha, ha. What a loser company. I told you Apple hasn’t a clue about what customers want and poorly underestimated the public demand. Ho, ho, ho. Apple can’t sell iPods fast enough, Ha, ha, ha. See, Apple is so out of tune. Hee, hee, hee. I am such a clever guy! I hope Bill Gates reads my blog.

  2. Contrary to all of the naysaying prior to the release of the iPod mini, the $249 price point has worked. In fact, supply and demand indicates that the price is actually too low at this point. Longer term Apple will have to drop the price on the “entry level” iPod mini and boost the specs on new, higher end models, just as they did with the original iPod.

    I am of the same mind as Jack A with respect to sales of consumer and professional Mac computers – when are we going to see a material increase in Apple marketshare? The pieces for a Mac resurgence have been tumbling into place one after the other over the past few years – MacOS X, Xserve, Xserve RAID, G4’s throughout the consumer line, iLife development, iPods and iTMS, G5’s into the PowerMacs, and now G5 Xserves, too. don’t get me wrong, I am very pleased with the progress that Apple has made in recent years and its strong financial position. But I would like to be able to stop saying, “wait and see.”

  3. Yeah, it’d be great for people to go out, get an iPod, love it, then buy a Mac, then find their new $2100 iMac rips CD’s at half the speed their two years old Windows machine does. (The iPod actually drove me BACK to my PC when I saw how pathetically slow it was going to be ripping all my CDs.)

    Question: is iTunes just a pathetic program for ripping CDs (it is even slow on the PC, still a big % less than MusicMatch, even doign mp3s)?

  4. Sam, I take it you were using a Superdrive Mac. They rip CDs much slower than the Combo drive models. I think the difference is a 32x read in the Combos and either 16x or 24x in the Superdrives (depending on whether you are using a desktop or laptop Mac). Either way, it’s a big difference over 10 CDs.

  5. The iPod and mini are BY FAR very visible in DFW. But I have to say that apparently DELL takes advantage of their home turf, I’ve seen a few of those clumky DELL DJs. And especially at the gym, people have the hardest time working out with them. I have to laugh as I click through songs on my iPod while doing the treadmill!

  6. After almost waiting 4 weeks for my “on or before 3/31” ship date for my ipod mini, today they pushed it back two weeks to “on or before 4/13”. Maybe it’s time to cancel!!

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