How Apple could combat iTunes piracy

David Zeiler, of The Baltimore Sun, offers some suggestions for combating so-called iTunes piracy where some users use third-party utilities and applications to stream and download music (MP3’s) via iTunes 4.

Zeiler suggests:

– Eliminate the sharing feature altogether from iTunes, in both the Windows version and the next Mac version. As this option doesn’t fit with Apple’s user-friendly philosophy, it’s not likely.
– Eliminate all formats but AAC from iTunes. This drastic solution also is unlikely, as it would inconvenience all iTunes users, whether they were sharing or not.
– Create a Windows version with no sharing feature while concocting a way to limit sharing on Macs to the originally intended local networks. This retains a “Mac advantage” along with addressing the downloading issue among Mac users.
– Have iTunes force-quit the hacker software when it detects unauthorized streaming and downloading. Makers of the screen-capture utility Snapz Pro X discovered recently that taking a screen shot of iTunes 4 caused the utility to quit, so the tactic is feasible.
– Apple should extend the 30-second streaming previews currently available from the Music Store to full-song previews, perhaps by adding a full-streaming subscription option for, say, $5 or $10 a month for those who desire full previews.

Full article here.


  1. Just ignore all IP packets with a TTL less than 255. Effectively restricting itunes sharing feature to the local network. It’s how they do it in rendez-vous.

  2. I have confidence that Mac programmers will always find a way to enable other Mac users to download files..and I hope they do. I don’t consider it piracy…and I don’t care for anyone that does. I still buy CDs and will continue to do…these witchhunts have to stop. Peopl have copied music fromthe friends for decades..this is nothing different.

  3. Anonymous is a moron. Copying music from your “friends?” How many friends do most people have? Now their “friends” number in the millions. It’s not “sharing,” it’s stealing on a grand scale, fool. Period.

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