Opera to release Mac browser upgrade tomorrow

After months of uncertainty, an upgrade to Opera’s browser for the Mac will be released on Thursday Neowin.net reports.

“‘We’ve decided to stay and fight on the Mac platform,’ Opera Software representative Pal Hvistendahl wrote in an e-mail. ‘Tomorrow we are releasing a new version for the Mac.’ Opera is a private company in Oslo, Norway, that for years has stood its ground against browser titan Microsoft and open-source alternative Mozilla. In January the company was caught off-guard when Apple Computer released its Safari browser based on the open-source KHTML code. At the time, Opera Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner warned that continued development of Mac Opera–which commands a small percentage of Opera’s already tiny market share–might not be ‘viable’ with Apple becoming yet another competitor. Apple responded by calling Opera’s complaints ‘sour grapes,'” Neowin reports. Full article here.

Note: Neowin reports, “The Mac Opera coming out Thursday, version 6.02, does not yet belong to the new generation of Opera browsers.”


  1. Let’s see:
    Safari: free, no ads, made by Apple which also makes the OS and the hardware.
    Opera: free version has ads, not made by maker of the OS and hardware.
    Opera: $39 for no ads, not made by maker of OS and hardware.

    Hmmmm, guess I’ll use Safari. That was easy, huh?

  2. Mark’s comments may apply to the Version 6.0 family of Opera, but I think the feature set in the 7.x family is worth the $39 price tag. Though not an exact comparison, I had no problem shelling out the cash for Opera versions when I used Windows – it’s feature set made Windows Internet use bearable.

    Safari has a long way to go to come remotely close to what Opera 7 offers:

    1. Instant access to JavaScript toggle, images, and pop-up windows
    2. Support for sites’ multiple style sheets
    3. Much better support for CSS and XHTML
    4. Full screen slideshow feature (yup…used this for public presentations)
    5. Skinning
    6. Mouse Gestures (that work well with laptop trackpads)
    7. MS Mail client (blows OSX’s mail out of the water)

    Phew, makes me wonder why I’m using Safari ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />. Well, if Opera 7 for Mac is released with the aforementioned features using Safari will be a tougher choice.

  3. Why is skinning always up there on people bitch list? Apple is out to make a consistant theme for their apps and don’t want that to change. If people want skins on their apps, find ways to do it. Apple is pushing brand identity, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

    And OS X mail is more than adequate for 90% of people using it. Too many apps have too many blls and whistles, and it’s unnecessary.

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