Apple iMovie 3 vs. Windows Movie Maker 2

“Whether or not it’s real, major software developers have believed for some time that there’s a big interest among mainstream computer users in editing video on a PC. That’s why, for the past couple of years, both Microsoft and Apple have been bundling rudimentary video-editing programs with their operating systems.”

“Over time, these programs have become less basic, offering some very cool features that are also very easy to use. They may be all most users will ever need. At the very least, they are excellent starting points for anyone wanting to dive into editing home videos.”

“As part of a series of occasional columns on video editing, here’s a look at what you get for free with Windows XP and Mac OS X,” writes Dwight Silverman for the Houston Chronicle. Full article here.


  1. iMovie, as it interfaces with iTunes and iPhoto (and iDVD in certain cases) makes for a much better solution. However, I’m pleased to see some of Microsofts ideas and some competition will be good for Mac users, because it’s Apple’s desire to woo Windows users that makes the iApps worth improving and upgrading as far as Apple is likely concerned. I doubt Apple would spend as much effort on them if it were only to satisfy the pre-existing Mac users.

    Even if MS does come up with some revolutionary digital hub products of their own, one would still have to run it on their poor excuse of an OS, and as one who has been using it since DOS 1.1, I can only say I’ve had to lower my expectations waaaaaay down in order to say something nice about it, once in a while. It needs a 0 line rewrite, but that’ll never happen.

    Since 80% or better of the home users of the world will be using some form of Windows for the forseeable future, I hope, for their sakes, that MS will continue to improve and even innovate in this growing segment. If not, they have an option, and it’s less and less of a challenge to make the switch with each passing year. I’ve helped 3 people make that switch in the past two months, and they call to thank me regularly.

  2. The mac sucks. Barely any software is supported on the Mac. All of your common everyday software is mainly on the PC with MS Windows. Sure some software are cross-platform, but usually when they are on the Mac, they have less features than the PC versions. The only reason a few people use Macs is because they’ve been using it since the 1980’s when it first came out and those people don’t like change so they refuse to use Windows. As most of you know, 9 out of every 10 homes and businesses use Windows PCs. Apple is going down. It’s been going down for awhile. Even standard file formats are now meant for Windows. For example, videos, the .wmv format has pretty much replaced the .mov file. Also, Windows Media Player is able to play videos better than Quicktime. People who have a fetish for Macs need to accept and embrace change.

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