New 40GB iPod due soon?

“CEO Steve Jobs at it again? Not surprisingly, the Apple rumor mill is bubbling up with buzz about an upgrade to Apple’s popular iPod digital music player. Japan’s Toshiba is said to have developed a 40-gigabyte version of the 1.8-inch hard drive that would be the heart of the new iPod. Neither Apple nor Toshiba has said anything about either the iPod or the existence of the drive. But the timing would be right. Since reporting earnings on Jan. 15, Apple has been on a product-upgrade tear. It announced new PowerMacs and a new display on Jan. 28, then followed it up with a new lineup of iMac computers seven days later. Upgrades to its Xserve line of servers came six days after that, on Feb. 10. If new iPods do see the light of day, chances are it will happen on a Tuesday. If the last few months are any indicator, Apple tends to favor Tuesdays for new product announcements,” speculates.


  1. I would love to have that capacity for music and to back up my PowerBook. My only problem is that my current 5GB iPod with a 10 hour battery only lasts for about 4-5 hours. Hopefully, the new one will last as long as it is supposed to. Other people I know also have this short battery life problem.

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