New info on 17-inch PowerBook delays; to ship between February 27 and March 20

MacDailyNews reader David F. sent us some info on 17″ PowerBook (AlBook) delays:

“I ordered the 17-inch Powerbook AL on Jan 8 just after the Keynote announcement. Website of Apple Store has said for a while MARCH 8 for ship date. Today, Apple Store Status person told me: “earliest it can ship out is February 27 and latest is March 20.” When I asked, he said this was based on real world, not arithmetic from announcement date. He said that the 17-inch PB is not yet shipping. When asked, he said he had not heard of any overall hold up on production or shipping, and that “we are committed to meet those dates” he gave me. This is different, of course, than the reported production delays on various websites. We’ll see, I suppose. (I have been surprised in the past that Apple has come through with promised dates).”

Thanks for the report, David.

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  1. I was checking on google, and CompUSA is still stating Feb. 27th as their expected ship date. That’s the most optimistic estimate I’ve been able to find. Of course, I’m hoping it’s true, because I want my powerbook yesterday.


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