Get MS Office v.X for $199 with purchase of any Mac computer

MacCentral is reporting that Apple and Microsoft will announce a deal that will allow new Mac computer purchasers the opportunity to buy Microsoft Office v. X for $199. The offer, valid from Oct. 1, 2002, through Jan. 7, 2003, will allow North American customers that purchase any Macintosh computer to purchase MS Office v.X for […]

Usability Shootout: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP

We just stumbled across it, so from the “Better Late Than Never” file, we’re pointing the way to a nice, detailed piece over at where Mac OS X is pitted against Windows XP. It’s here.

How to use your Mac as a FireWire disk

The other day, a client came in with an iBook and needed to quickly connect to another Mac to move some files from his iBook to our Mac. Instead of going through any networking stuff, we simply connected with “FireWire Target Disk Mode.” Using this mode, his PowerBook mounted on the other Mac as if […]

Apple .Mac subscribers pass 180,000 mark

Apple today announced that more than 180,000 Mac users have subscribed to Apple’s .Mac suite of Internet services since it was launched in July. “The launch of .Mac has been a phenomenal success,” said Sina Tamaddon, Apple’s senior vice president of Applications. “And now we’re adding iSync support in .Mac, enabling users to synchronize their […]

Steve Jobs to keynote Macworld San Francisco

In a shocking development, IDG World Expo announced on Tuesday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will keynote the upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. “This is the hottest Mac event of the year, and we look forward to another record-breaking crowd in 2003,” said Charlie Greco, president and CEO of IDG World Expo. […]

Restore the Happy Mac bootup screen to Jaguar

From Fishback Research comes, “hello Jaguar.” This software installs an edited version of the boot loader found in Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar which brings back everyone’s favorite friend, the Happy Mac. After installation, your computer will restart, and you can see the familiar icon smiling back at you. Included with this software is a […]

BusinessWeek Online’s Wildstrom likes Jaguar’s easy integration with Windows

Overly impressed with the abilty to network to Windows machines, perhaps. Still, nice to see a positive piece, even if it does largely focus on Windows integration. Imagine a world without Windows, just Macs rendezvousing (?) with each other, printers, devices, etc. Can you say, “IT Guy Soup Lines?” I knew you could. Read on […]

iSync requires .Mac account to sync multiple Macs

iSync is tied to .Mac, in that it requires you to sync one computer to .Mac before you can sync another Mac to it. Of course, you have to be online to use that part of iSync. So, iSync lets you synchronize when you’re traveling, but even more tellingly, it ignores Apple’s own Rendezvous technology […]

eWeek calls Apple Xserve impressive

Saying that Xserve’s “blend of functionality, usability and cost is unparalleled,” eWeek calls Apple’s Xserve “impressive.” However eWeek ultimately awards Xserve “merely Rookie of the Year,” instead of “MVP” due to some shortcomings outlined in this article.

Mac poses as much of challenge to Linux as to Windows

The Boston Globe’s Hiawatha Bray writes that “Mac poses as much of challenge to Linux as to Windows” in the 9/30 article. And we quote, “Apple Computer’s snarky ad campaign urging people to switch from Microsoft Windows machines to Apple’s Macintosh computers probably won’t put a dent in Windows sales. But it could mean serious […]

ComputerWorld Hong Kong loves Jaguar and the 17” iMac

Peppering the article with such phrases as, “OS X 10.2 has an element of raw power that’s so exhilarating it’s scary,” and “I scream around corners, hit the brakes, fishtail then heel-and-toe it, imaginary drag racing/surf tunes spinning in my head,” Stefan Hammond covers a lot of ground (groan) in this article that truly is […]

Apple releases iSync beta

Apple has just released the iSync beta. iSync beta users can synchronize Address Book contacts and iCal calendars across Mac OS computers and devices, such as an iPod, iSync-compatible mobile phone, or a Palm OS device. You can also use iSync Public Beta to synchronize two or more Macs, via the Internet with a .Mac […]

Apple gives iTools users a .Mac reprieve

Mac users who have not converted their iTools accounts to .Mac subscriptions now have a little more time. Apple said it is extending the deadline until Oct. 14 for users of the free e-mail, Web hosting and online storage service to subscribe to Apple’s new .Mac service, which was launched in July. Previously, iTools users […]

Use iCal to Send An Email Reminder to a Mobile Phone or Pager

If your mobile phone or pager operator allows messages to be sent to you by email, you can use the email notification feature of iCal to alert you of an event. You will need to first add your mobile phone and/or pager email addresses to your card in Address Book: 1. Open the Address Book […]

Baltimore Sun’s Zeiler wants his .Mac

The Baltimore Sun’s David Zeiler writes, “after waffling for a month and a half, I subscribed to .Mac, anyway. What changed my mind?” In addition to the 100 free digtal prints Apple offered to new subscribers in the first week of Spetember, Zeiler was enticed with Apple’s promise to make .Mac better and better over […]

SpyMac’s Campbell predicts remarkable delights from Apple in 2003

Campbell’s piece explores the many ‘bits and pieces’ that Apple has been developing and putting in place for the past few years. These ‘bits and pieces,” such as Rendezvous, high-end graphics firms purchases, Inkwell, will converge in 2003, Campbell predicts to make for one of the most exciting years in Apple’s history. It’s an interesting […]

MacWorld east coast show close to moving to Boston

Business Today reports, “[Boston] is close to stealing an Apple from the Big Apple, in a deal that could pump tens of millions of dollars into the city’s beleagured economy, sources say. The organizer of Macworld is near an agreement with City Hall and state convention officials to bring the giant techology show for Apple […]

Creating the ultimate Apple/Mac links collection

MacDailyNews are calling upon our fellow Mac users to help us build the ultimate Apple/Mac links collection. We want them all, with no exceptions! Please review our current collection here and use the ‘got links?’ form at the bottom to send us any links that we should include. Thanks in advance!

MacInTouch’s Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar user report grows

MacInTouch’s Mac OS 10.2 report starts with notes on installing Jag on a G3 Power Mac and talks about issues with Mac OS 9 and OS 10.2 systems. It continues with discussion of DVD playback, printing and performance, and more here.

Report shows Steve Jobs highest paid CEO

The latest Executive Compensation Index released by the Economic Research Institute found Apple CEO Steve Jobs the highest paid executive for the second quarter of 2002, who received his usual $1 annual salary, but was given a $43,511,534 bonus. The press release is here.

.Mac deadline email from Apple

With the deadline fast approaching, former iTools users who have yet to subscribe to .Mac for the introductory price of $49.95 are receiving emails from The Mothership. Here it is in its entirety: Dear .Mac trial member, Your .Mac account will expire on September 30, 2002. If you don’t sign up ( ) for […]

How to zoom in and out in Jaguar with ease

Ever want to peer at something a little more closely, but don’t want to stop, change display properties to a lower resolution, look at whatever it is, then change display properties back to your normal resolution? You don’t have to – if you have Jaguar. Mac OS 10.2 introduces a lovely new Zoom feature designed […]

Should you buy a Mac when cheaper Wintel alternatives abound?

In his most recent Chicago Tribune article (9/22), columnist James Coates writes, “I have to say, friends and neighbors, that Apple Computer’s new hardware offerings stand out from the competition like a sleek silver Mercedes convertible parked in a lot filled with beige Ford Escorts.” Coates then states, “In fact, the core question is whether […]

Apple endorses Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) at IBC

Apple has endorsed the AAF format at IBC 2002 conference for broadcasters. The event ran from September 12th to the 16th. “It’s critical that Apple continues to be a full part of the production and post production process, and AAF is the future for media interchange,” commented Bill Hudson, Apple’s strategic accounts manager for professional […]

IT guy seems more than a bit scared of Apple’s ‘Switch’ campaign

Oh man, you just gotta love this one. Note the tone throughout the article from, ‘Network World Fusion,’ entitled, “Can an Apple a day really keep the IT expert away?” The writer is basically an IT guy who makes fun of Apple users for using Macs so successfully that they don’t need his ilk anymore. […]

Can you use a Mac for Solitaire?

“Yes, you can use a Mac for personal finances.” That is the actual headline of an article in the Miami Herald from Knight Ridder News Service. While this may be a surprise to many, you can also use a Mac as a calculator (gasp!), a word processor (wow!), and do anything a “regular” computer can […]

Houston Chronicle’s Silverman says ‘OS X simply the best’

This is an excellent article, as you can see from the quote below. “Apple believes it now has the goods to start taking serious market share away from the Windows universe. And, in a world that was always fair, that probably would be happening big time, because OS X 10.2 is the best personal computer […] growing like wildfire

In case you haven’t heard already, Patrick Crowley has set up a website called, a centralized location for sharing calendars made with Apple’s iCal. There are calendars for shuttle launches, bible readings, Mac tradeshows, National Hockey League teams, NASCAR races, the America’s Cup, soccer matches in the Netherlands,the Iron Chef TV show, Survivor, the […]

Apple releases new Mac OS X Security Update

Apple has released Security Update 2002-09-20 for Mac OS X 10.2 via the Software Update pane of System Preferences. It features new Terminal components that “provide increased security to prevent unauthorized access to applications, servers, and the operating system.” Download it here.

iCal Calling iTunes 1.1 released

Doug’s AppleScripts as released iCal Calling iTunes 1.1, an AppleScript applet that lets you schedule iTunes playlists with iCal. This new version allows events to be skipped, launches iCal when started, improves stability, and contains other improvements. iCal Calling iTunes is free and requires Mac OS X, iTunes, and iCal.

Larry Ellison Resigns as Apple Director

Apple today announced that Larry Ellison, chairman and CEO of Oracle, is resigning from Apple’s Board of Directors. “I will continue to offer my advice to Steve and the executive management team at Apple, but my schedule does not currently allow me to attend enough of the formal board meetings to warrant a role as […]

Jaguar Battery Run-Time reports

“Accelerate Your Macintosh!” has reader reports concerning battery life in Mac OS X 10.2.x Jaguar. iBook and TiBook owners (and anyone else who’s interested) can check out the reports here.

Baltimore Sun columinist examines the ‘quixotic’ world of Mac users

David Zeiler of the Baltimore Sun sets sets us up with, “Daring to be an Apple Computer Inc. devotee in a world dominated by Microsoft Corp.’s Windows may seem quixotic, but just about any Macintosh user will tell you that despite some disadvantages, they’d never turn to the ‘dark side.’” And then asks the obvious […]