Apple playing by Microsoft’s rules; buys up and shuts down Windows versions of popular software

Monday is the end of the road for the 70,000 estimated composers and producers using Logic on a Wintel PC. Apple bought Logic’s developer, eMagic, earlier this year. Then, Apple said it would stop offering Logic, which is a leading music-creation program, plus other eMagic programs for Windows users, at the end of this month. Apple made a move like this earlier in the year when it purchased Nothing Real, creator of the high-end graphics effects program Shake, then announced the end of the Windows version. Wired reports, “taken together, the two steps represent a strategy by Apple to cement its control over high-end graphics and music production, two markets already firmly in its grasp.”

An anonymous post to a Shake chatroom stated, “it’s about time Apple started playing by Microsoft’s rules. If the DOJ isn’t going to do anything substantial to Microsoft, then Apple should use these Microsoftian tactics itself to level the playing field. Go Apple!” Wired has more here.

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