Use iCal to Send An Email Reminder to a Mobile Phone or Pager

If your mobile phone or pager operator allows messages to be sent to you by email, you can use the email notification feature of iCal to alert you of an event.

You will need to first add your mobile phone and/or pager email addresses to your card in Address Book:

1. Open the Address Book application program.
2. Choose Show My Card from the Card menu.
3. Click Edit to edit your card.
4. Click the “+” button next to the email field to add an email address.
5. Choose Custom from the pop-up menu.
6. Type a label for the address such as “pager”.
7. Click OK.
8. Enter the email address of your pager or mobile phone in the Email field.
9. Click Edit to save the changes.

To add an email alarm to an event:

1. Create or select the event in the iCal window.
2. Choose Get Info from the Edit menu.
3. Click the Alarm tab (bell icon) in the Event Info window.
4. Click “Send e-mail to me at” to enable that option.
5. Select your pager or mobile phone email address from the pop-up menu.
6. Set the alarm time using the time field and pop-up menu.
7. Close the Event Info window.
Important: You may incur additional charges on your mobile phone or pager account by receiving email messages. Check with your mobile phone or pager operator for information on setting up your phone or pager to receive email, and for any additional rates. From AppleCare Document: 61728

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