How to use your Mac as a FireWire disk

The other day, a client came in with an iBook and needed to quickly connect to another Mac to move some files from his iBook to our Mac. Instead of going through any networking stuff, we simply connected with “FireWire Target Disk Mode.” Using this mode, his PowerBook mounted on the other Mac as if it were a FireWire disk drive. We also saw a disk icon for each partition of his computer’s hard disk on the desktop of the other computer. And, we also saw an icon for any CD or DVD discs in his computer on the other computer’s desktop. How did we do it? Here’s how:

You need to have two FireWire-equipped computers. Shut down the Mac you intend to be the FireWire disk and leave the other computer on. Connect the two computers using a FireWire cable with a standard 6-pin connector on each end. Start up your Mac while holding down the T key. That’s it. Tough, huh? Apple – there is no substitute.

You’ll see the FireWire logo on the screen of the machine that will be acting like a FireWire disk. When you finish, eject the disk icons from the other computer’s desktop. Then shut down your FireWire Target Disk computer and disconnect the FireWire cable. When to start up the computer agian, it will be a Mac once more!

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