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Sep 22, 2017 - 05:15 PM UTC — AAPL: 151.89 (-1.50, -0.98%) | NASDAQ: 6426.922 (+4.229, +0.07%)

Tag: Super Retina display

  1. David Pogue hands-on with Apple’s iPhone X: Gorgeous plus-sized screen in a compact body

    Apple’s iPhone X gives you the jumbo screen size of a Plus model into the compact body size of the non-Plus iPhones…

  2. The Verge iPhone X hands-on: Feels like ‘the future of the smartphone’

    We just got a quick chance to play with the iPhone X, Apple’s new flagship phone arriving later this year…

  3. 10 credible future Apple product claims for this week

    Apple executives have been promising an amazing year of Apple products…