Apple says color and hue shifting, OLED burn-in to be expected on iPhone X

“iPhone X is finally arriving to customers today, and with it comes the new 5.8-inch OLED screen that Apple calls the Super Retina display. iPhone X is the first model that uses this screen technology, and with it comes a few disclaimers,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Namely, Apple wants customers to expect color and hue shifting when using iPhone X at off-angles as a characteristic of the OLED display,” Hall reports. “Apple also says iPhone X has the best OLED display in the industry with the Super Retina display, but burn-in can still occur under certain circumstances.”

“Apple also recommends using Auto-Brightness*, shorter Auto-Lock** periods, and running the latest software update to prolong the life of the OLED display,” Hall reports. “Finally, Apple recommends against showing static images at full brightness for extended periods of time with Super Retina display on iPhone X.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obvious to anyone with passing familiarity of OLED’s shortcomings. We will say that Apple’s display in iPhone X, to which they’ve obviously done quite a bit of custom work, has the least color shift of any smartphone OLED we’ve ever seen by a significant margin. iPhone X’s Super Retina display is positively gorgeous and, without a doubt, a notch above!

*Auto-Brightness can be found in Settings > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto-Brightness.

**Auto-Lock is located in Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.


  1. IOW: Don’t do any image color management on the iPhone X.

    I personally find this very disappointing and a step backwards for those of us who work with color. Then again, iOS doesn’t offer a user configurable color management system anyway. That’s another reason I prefer macOS.

    As for the angle color shift and burn-in. Not good. I’ll stick with my older iPhone for color quality. I hope OLED displays grow up. 👼

    1. But this has better color accuracy than your “old” phone, lol. Regarding color shift, it is a slightly blue huge for whites at an extreme angle. An angle of view that your current phone can’t even achieve.

      For burn in, this isn’t a TV. I suppose if you left your phone unlocked and on for hours, you may get a slightly ghosted image..that fades away quickly with use.

      My 2012 iMac has image burn and less color accuracy at default settings. Technically, this phone is better with color work than that iMac.

      Love how people scream the sky is falling after having no experience with a product..after reading an article on the internet.

      Have fun living in your bubble. Sounds exciting.

      1. Too bad I’m a trained and experienced color expert and am laughing at your comment:

        Love how people scream the sky is falling after having no experience with a product..after reading an article on the internet.

        Nice FAIL. You clearly are either a victim or trained flea of one of the US political propaganda blowhard disservices.

        IOW: I stand by exactly what I said and would happily point out further flaws in your rant-fest upon request. 😛

        Trolls only eat hate. Enjoy.

        1. Ridiculous, I 100% agree with M. Everyone looking to be the first to dish the new X and exaggerate something that I know will not end up being an issue. And don’t forget iPhones have a severe bending problem. Remember that crock of 💩

        2. The problem with Derek Currie is that he’s a bit of an a$$. If he was a nicer person, people wouldn’t mind so much, but when you’re obnoxious, then don’t be surprised Derek when people call you out for being a bit of an a$$.


          1. The only asses (apologies to the donkeys) are those that make statements, especially proclamations, without a stich of obtainable proof. Derek Currie’s statements can be proven, richardhume1, with a little more training, would be raised to idiotic.

            Your personal attack does not address the facts Derek eludes to.

    2. I guess the more we find out of the iPhone X, the more appalling the iPhone 8 becomes. I was not aware of the OLED shortcomings, but that and the fact that it is almost $300.00 more for the iPhone X make the 8 a lot more attractive.

    3. The potential for burn-in is not unique to Apple and not a step backwards, you can still buy the very phine iPhone 8. Which I did when I realized I don’t want to have to worry about babying the display.

      1. No, it’s not unique to Apple. And clearly there were masses raving about OLED and insisting that Apple install it on new iPhones. Fine.

        Bud for those of us who give a rat’s about color accuracy and viewing angle, it is indeed a step backward. For all the cry babies who don’t like hearing criticism about their latest techno-lust. Too bad. Out in the professional world, which is where I’m talking from, the shortcomings of the OLED screen on the iPhone X are not welcome. Meanwhile, as I already deliberately pointed out, Apple hasn’t designed iOS devices to be color calibrated beyond what is built into the OS anyway! Translation: Apple doesn’t provide iOS devices for use within the fields of color professionals.

        AMUSING: Typically around here we get criticized for being Apple Fanbois. Now here are a few of we Fanbois who’d rather have Apple provide the highest quality color displays for iOS devices but a flock of *DING*bats flies in to tell us we’re too critical of Apple.

        There are always anonymous coward extremist loonies hiding out in the weeds waiting for the opportunity to play at trolling. Kiddies, you only harm yourselves with your hate. Consider me laughing. 😆 🙄

  2. Got my 2 yesterday at around 7:45PM. This phone is stunning. The notch is no big deal. Only issue I had was had to mess around awhile to get it to resync to my Apple Watch. Otherwise, smooth sailing. Sprint came through, even 5 1/2 house after start of press led. Now to go show it off. LOL.

    1. Yeah the notch is much ado about nothing. Literally two seconds after using the phone you’re on to other cool things on the phone and marveling how well Face ID works. Yeah it probably won’t be there on the next iteration but in the meantime no worries. Moving on…

      TO THE 2018 MAC PRO!!! Please Apple release at the June 2018 WWDC.

    1. True, but most technologies are like that. Although I am very interested to see what Apple can do with micro-LED, which should have all the advatantages of both and none of their respective disadvantages.

  3. So, clearly… the X in the iPhone X stands for experimental.

    Considering how people predominately use their phones (taking photos, watching videos, etc., that require cranking up the brightness in the daytime), if the iPhone X is meant to be the kind of high quality tech that Apple wants to be noted for, it seems to me they really should have waited until OLED technology advanced enough to eliminated those issues.

    Just wait for the backlash… and they thought “antenna-gate” was bad.

    1. Those issues may always exist with OLED, especially for extremely dense displays used in smaller devices. Apple worked hard to remove as much of that as possible because they felt the pay off for color accuracy, contrast, and power efficiency was more important in the short term – given that the “useful” life spans of most of these devices is around 3 – 4 years.

  4. So far I have found 2 bugs.
    Portrait mode, stage light mono:
    Take a photo then view it from tapping on the small box image in the bottom left corner…
    Then arrow back to camera mode again.
    It will still be on stage light mono, but if you take a picture again it will do it in color.

    And then:
    Some times, when you are in a call, and you multitask and attempt to close apps – it will work the 1st time around.
    But while during the call, you go and open additional apps again, and attempt to close them – it fails to close any until you are off the call.

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