You can now check iPhone X availability at Apple Stores with limited same day in-store pickup

“Apple’s website now lists iPhone X availability at its retail stores in the United States and several other countries around the world,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Simply visit the iPhone X purchase page for your country from the list [see full article], select a carrier if required, choose a color, and then click on ‘Pickup: Check Availability'” below your desired storage capacity,” Rossignol reports. “A window will pop open with iPhone X availability—if any—at nearby Apple stores based on your ZIP or postal code.”

“The tool is also a good indicator of iPhone X availability for customers who are planning to walk into a store and purchase one,” Rossignol reports, “although in most cases it’s more convenient and guaranteed to reserve one for in-store pickup.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A useful tool and we know multiple people for whom it’s worked.


  1. For those sitting on the fence or wondering if it is worth it… IT’S TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!! I love everything about this phone! Even the “notch”, which to be honest has never really bothered me. I think of it like a birthmark on the body of your super hot lover. The price is worth it. You will NEVER regret your decision.

      1. Yes you swipe down the upper right notch corner where the power bars are and then you can see the battery percentage. Battery life seems on a par with my 7 Plus. Maybe better. Face ID is da bomb, a real game-changer that Samsucks won’t soon be able to match.

          1. I use a belt clip so I don’t use cases. I did add the Belkin screen protector. $40 from the Apple Store. They put it on with their Belkin application device. It looks great!

  2. Battery life so far has been very good, even though the phone is indexing and getting set up. The Face ID is a HUGE game changer works so perfectly even in dark or at night walking around. With or without glasses hat etc.
    Phone is awesome.
    Great job Apple

    1. Ditto on the battery life, better then my iPhone 7 after the update.

      When it’s indexing the battery will drain and the phone will get warm after that it’s all good.

      The face ID is freaking amazing, better then touch ID and faster.

      Only issue we’re seeing is that using the hotspot if my wife sleeps her iphone 8 and turns it back on the hotspot is disconnected and gone. If I connect my ipad and sleep that it connects right back up to the hot spot.

  3. I’m quite pleased. Logged on 2 days ago, no wait for a phone and scheduled pickup. The phone is amazing and very pleased with in in every way. Worth the money and upgrade….faster, cleaner, amazing camera, AR works wonderfully…. Use the apple website and schedule the pickup, if you’re lucky enough to pick up one of the limited supply units. I suspect there are only a few available each day, but have no proof. Just check in to see if available and prepay on Apple’s site.

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