The Verge iPhone X hands-on: Feels like ‘the future of the smartphone’

“We just got a quick chance to play with the iPhone X, Apple’s new flagship phone arriving later this year,” Nilay Patel writes for The Verge.

“The thing that a lot of people want to talk about with the iPhone X is its $999 starting price, but when you have the phone in your hand, it feels… worth it,” Patel writes. “The X is an extremely beautiful device, with a stainless steel band and glass back curving into a 5.8-inch OLED display that stretches all the way across the front of the phone. It’s a bigger display than the 5.5-inch Plus-size iPhones, but a much, much smaller body.”

“If anything, the X evokes the original iPhone more than anything, with that stainless steel band and black front,” Patel writes. “I’ve generally preferred LCDs to OLEDs, but the X OLED display doesn’t seem to share any of the extreme oversaturation or pixel matrix weirdness of other OLEDs I’ve seen.”

iPhone X is the future of the smartphone in a gorgeous all-glass design with a beautiful 5.8-inch Super Retina display.
iPhone X is the future of the smartphone in a gorgeous all-glass design with a beautiful 5.8-inch Super Retina display.

Patel writes, “I couldn’t test out the new FaceID [sic] authentication myself without setting it up, but it was configured for one of Apple’s demo assistants, and it worked every time he showed it off, even under the frenetic conditions and bright lights of the demo area.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Worth every penny and then some. Apple could have started it at $1299 and sold every one they could make (and that might have goosed iPhone 8 and 8 Plus unit sales in the process, too).


      1. I think it’s pretty funny and spot on…yes, I know cynic is often a cynic, but MDN taps a keg of Apple Kool-Aid every Friday and it’s effects never wear off. They are solidly (drunkenly) team players, or homers. Btw, I say this w/o moaning about AAPL’s success.

    1. I also think $999 may be too cheap. Not because I want to pay more, but because it may be they won’t be able to meet demand for a very long time. And it will not even begin to ship until a month later.

      So a lot of people who would otherwise be buying an 8 straight away will be not buying anything for some time.

      Apple obviously knows better than I do, so they must either believe they can produce a *lot* of them, or they think the demand will not be so strong. The former they are more likely to be right about than the latter. Or they made a mistake. I’d prefer the first one.

      1. Is the iPhone 8 going to be the new iPhone 5C? High hopes and expectations but outsold by it’s more expensive brethren? In any event, Apple will have no trouble selling out of each new model on day 1.

      2. “so they must either believe they can produce a *lot* of them”
        No, they KNOW they can’t create a lot of them primarily because some of the parts can’t be made in the quantities required. SO, the 8 and 8 Plus will be for most people with a 5 or a 6 that’s finally upgrading. The X will be for those that want to wait, possibly into Feb and March of next year, to have the latest and greatest.

  1. The main attraction for me is the double cameras in a body that isn’t plus sized. I think I’m going to struggle to justify spending that much on a phone, but it does annoy me that Apple restrict the camera to the 8 plus. I just don’t want a phone that physically big.

    1. Well the iPhone isn’t really a “phone”. Its an incredibly powerful and small computer. Nobody bats an eye at spending that much money on a laptop….so why would you have an issue on a computer that fits in your pocket that also happens to do phone calls too.

      Seems well worth the value to me 😉

      1. You seem to be responding to the wrong post. mxnt41 wasn’t complaining about cost so much as features like the camera that we now know can fit in the 4.7″ iPhone’s approximate physical volume (since the iPhone X is only slightly larger than the 8 ), but aren’t available in it.

        The 8 Plus is $100 more than the 8, and that price covers the larger screen and additional camera abilities. I’d gladly pay an extra $50 if those camera features were an option for the 8.

    1. I’d seen some article claiming Apple could possibly build 10,000 iPhone Xs daily. By the time they start selling them, Apple should have a decent stockpile for an iPhone that supposedly, according to the know-it-all critics, no one is going to be able to afford to buy. I’m just a person who believes these jackasses should wait until the iPhone X actually goes on sale before saying it’s too expensive for consumers to buy.

      1. That’s 100 days to build just a million of them. They had better be able to build a *lot* more than 10,000 a day.

        To put that in perspective, Apple sells (and manufactures) about 8 phones per *second*, 24 hours a day. that’s about 700,000 per day.

  2. All they ever talk about with the iPhone X is the price. Such annoying wusses. There are so many expensive products on the market that are out of the range of the average consumer, so what’s the big deal about one more. They’re just wearing this iPhone price meme out. You’d think Apple was putting a gun to someone’s head and forcing them to buy the $1000 iPhone X. I’m sure anyone buying it will simply walk into some Apple retail store and ask for it with their own free will.

  3. You should’ve seen the vapid crew of Morning Joe today led by that basic bitch Mika whining about the price and the fact that it won’t ship soon “in a world of Amazon.” What the hell has Amazon ever done in the mobile phone arena other than fail miserably? These are the morons we’re supposed to rely on for news?

  4. Let the naysayers have their fun ….
    too expensive (give me a break, a $1,000!)
    too late (November ?),
    nothing new (yawn, OLED has been around for ages),
    too few colours,
    means iPhone 8/8 Plus is obsolete

    … and then the iPhone X is released …

    The naysayers will then be in the rear view mirror, as everyone else grasps the future and heads to “where the puck will be”

    1. Analogy doesn’t hold anymore, sadly.

      Apple might be better compared to Bang & Olefson. Pricey and shiny.
      Porsche remains true to their original mission. It plays against much stiffer competition and is measurably better on both racetrack and autobahn. I’m not sure about Apple anymore. The current management can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Also, and this is a big one: Porsche doesn’t have the reputation for taking away features and usability with each generation. Apple seems not to listen to the users anymore.

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