“My main machines are Macs. It’s about the software. There are some media management products that save me tremendous time,” David Gewirtz reports for ZDNet. “Final Cut Pro X is the biggest example. It almost never crashes. When I used Premiere Pro it crashed constantly. When it crashed over 100 times while producing a single eight-minute video, I switched to Final Cut and haven’t looked back.”

“The only problem is that my main iMac, which was a powerhouse in 2013, can’t handle the load today, particularly when it comes to multi-cam 4K video editing,” Gewirtz reports. “Because Apple has been reticent to update its Mac models, I – and many others who rely on platform-specific Mac software – have had to wait.”

“All that changes tomorrow. Tomorrow, we’ll know what Apple is going to do about the Mac. Except for the Mac Pro, of course. But I don’t see myself buying a Mac Pro,” Gewirtz reports. “By the time the Apple announcement event is over tomorrow, I will have made my decision. Here are the four scenarios that are in the running…”

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MacDailyNews Take: In Gewirtz’s case, it really depends on just how “professionally-focused” Mac mini truns out to be. If you can really max out the RAM and the processor, add an outboard GPU, etc. it could be the one.