Waiting on Apple: Four options for my next Mac

“My main machines are Macs. It’s about the software. There are some media management products that save me tremendous time,” David Gewirtz reports for ZDNet. “Final Cut Pro X is the biggest example. It almost never crashes. When I used Premiere Pro it crashed constantly. When it crashed over 100 times while producing a single eight-minute video, I switched to Final Cut and haven’t looked back.”

“The only problem is that my main iMac, which was a powerhouse in 2013, can’t handle the load today, particularly when it comes to multi-cam 4K video editing,” Gewirtz reports. “Because Apple has been reticent to update its Mac models, I – and many others who rely on platform-specific Mac software – have had to wait.”

“All that changes tomorrow. Tomorrow, we’ll know what Apple is going to do about the Mac. Except for the Mac Pro, of course. But I don’t see myself buying a Mac Pro,” Gewirtz reports. “By the time the Apple announcement event is over tomorrow, I will have made my decision. Here are the four scenarios that are in the running…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In Gewirtz’s case, it really depends on just how “professionally-focused” Mac mini truns out to be. If you can really max out the RAM and the processor, add an outboard GPU, etc. it could be the one.


  1. So what’s the ideal monitor that’s gonna work with the mini? My 27″ Thunderbolt is (unfortunately) ready to be retired. I sure wish Apple still made monitors….

  2. The entire article is flawed. The author asserts that the iMac was a powerhouse in 2013. It was not. The iMac has for a few generations been a laptop with a stand, not a workstation. Surprised he was able to muddle through this long doing uhd video.

    Painting it black and stuffing in xeons with a pair of blowers helps, but is economically painful for someone who just wants to keep up with cpu and gpu needs. External breakout gpu boxes are the Apple recommend kluge.

    For a supposedly user-focused eco conscious company, it has made the Mac a joke in high performance industry.

      1. You mean you’re not happy that Apple still ships Macs with Thunderbolt 2 connectors? Just like ADC. The golden connector to rule them all. With no backup plan and no ability to offer users a way to upgrade when those connectors were abandoned by the industry.

        Apple never learns how frustrating their choices are for users. The white adapters are badges of shame.

    1. And the author also says his current iMac
      “can’t handle the load today, particularly when it comes to multi-cam 4K video editing,” and follows that with “I have had to wait.” SO, either he’s actually doing multi-cam 4K video editing, so it CAN handle the load, or he’s had to wait and have turned down all jobs that require multi-cam 4K video editing”. And, the most recent iMac was introduced in 2017 which is 4 years AFTER 2013 according to my calendar. Too bad Apple has been so reticent and only released 19 different iMac models of varying speeds since 2013.

      “I need a faster computer, but I’m not going to buy one because I don’t REALLY need it, so I guess I just want it.”

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