“While you’re exploring the new Finder and trying out Dark Mode, take a turn into the Mac’s less heralded but potentially much more useful virtual desktop Spaces,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider.

“If you use Spaces on your Mac then you probably love this feature so much that you can’t imagine not having it,” Gallagher writes. “More likely, though, you’ve vaguely heard of it and not looked to see whether it could be of use to you.”

“Even Apple seems to have forgotten this feature as it received no updates at all for macOS Mojave — at least no visible ones — and unfortunately it has call to be updated. Right now certain elements feel oddly unfinished and others are downright confusing,” Gallagher writes. “Yet when you know what this feature is supposed to do and you know how to work around its oddities, Spaces can be a boon.”

Tons more, including many screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who wouldn’t love another desktop or two or three or sixteen?

Seriously, though, we’ve found that two Spaces, maybe three at the most, to be ideal. How about you? Do you even use Spaces? If so, how many Spaces do you have on your Mac?