Demand for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max looks solid ahead of Apple’s earnings

“On Thursday, top Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn reported that its September revenue rose 29.7% annually in local currency to NT$584.9 billion ($18.8 billion),” Eric Jhonsa writes for TheStreet. “That represents an acceleration from August’s 25.3% growth, and the highest monthly growth rate recorded by the company in 2018. For the whole of Q3, revenue rose 27.7%.”

“At the same time, one has to think the fact that Apple is launching a cheaper iPhone in late October this year rather than September hurt Foxconn’s sales in the quarter a bit,” Jhonsa writes. “Foxconn’s numbers weren’t the only ones released this week that pointed to healthy iPhone demand. On Tuesday, Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan reported a survey of nearly 91,000 consumers done by his firm indicated ‘interest in upgrading to an iPhone rose significantly in recent months, with steady growth following the [September 12] announcements of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.'”

“Two weeks before Mohan’s note, long-time Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s had a history of making good predictions about Apple’s plans, reported seeing strong early demand for iPhone XS Max. Kuo, who now works for a firm called TF Securities, estimated that initial sales for the 6.5-inch phone were three to four times those of the 5.8-inch iPhone XS. Kuo added that the 256GB version of the phone, which costs $1,249 in the U.S., was the most popular model.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone Xs Max in 256GB sounds familiar – the sweet spot for Apple’s flagship. Just wait until iPhone Xr becomes available; iPhone unit sales are going to skyrocket!


  1. This headline despite all the reviewers saying how the XS/XS Max are not affordable for consumers. They were all urging consumers to boycott iPhones due to Apple pushing up smartphone prices and telling viewers to buy Android smartphones at much cheaper prices. Oh, well…

    Will the XR actually cause iPhone sales to skyrocket? I don’t think that’s the general consensus. No Youtube reviewer likes the XR’s display resolution one bit (pun).

  2. This only shows that between Xs and Max, Max is selling better. But it does not show the net sale figure. To me, now, only the iPhone fanatics are buying it, and it is, of course, the Max with larger storage. But are regular Apple fans are actually flocking to the most overpriced gadget ever? I do not think so. They are pausing. Besides, there is a growing sentiment that Apple is ripping off most loyal customers in many ways. Just watch this video clip broadcast recently in Canada. Everywhere I go, people are increasingly aware of Apple’s greedy practice, not “consumer friendly”.

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