“The internet is flipping out with stories like, ‘Apple can delete your movies any time it wants,'” Jeff Gamet writes for The Mac Observer. “No, Apple isn’t deleting movies people bought through iTunes, but one man’s heading with mysteriously missing movies underscores how messed up international movie licensing is.”

“Anders G da Silva shared his experience on Twitter. Some movies he bought through iTunes disappeared from his streaming library,” Gamet writes. “The response from Apple was that the ‘content provider removed these movies from the Canadian Store. Hence, these movies these movies are not available in the Canada iTunes Store at this time.'”

“A critical piece of information was missing when the missing movies report first started circulating: da Silva had recently moved from Australia to Canada (via CNET). He purchased the movies in Australia, and it seems the had different licensing terms in Canada,” Gamet writes. “Since da Silva was trying to stream movies he bought in Australia while in Canada, they were blocked.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Moral of the story: Don’t move to Canada.

(Hey, you, know, we kid. As always, we love all Canucks.)

Apple is deleting films purchased from iTunes Store – and don’t expect a refund – September 13, 2018

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]