“I only wanted one thing out of 2018’s iPhone event: a new iPhone SE. In failing to provide it Apple seems to have quietly put the model out to pasture — and for this I curse them eternally,” Devin Coldewey writes for TechCrunch. “Because it was the best phone the company ever made.”

“I’ve always loved the iPhone design that began with the 4,” Coldewey writes. “The 4 established an entirely new industrial design aesthetic that was at once instantly recognizable and highly practical. Gone were the smooth, rounded edges and back of the stainless original iPhone (probably the second-best phone Apple made) and the jellybean-esque 3G and 3GS. In the place of those soft curves were hard lines and uncompromising geometry: a belt of metal running around the edge, set off from the glass sides by the slightest of steps. It highlighted and set off the black glass of the screen and bezel, producing a of specular outline from any angle.”

“While I am disappointed in Apple, I’m not surprised. After all, it’s disappointed me for years,” Coldewey writes. “But I still have my SE, and I intend to keep it for as long as possible. Because it’s the best thing the company ever made, and it’s still a hell of a phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone SE is not “the best phone Apple’s ever made” nor is it the “best thing Apple’s ever made.”

The best phone Apple’s ever made (until the new ones arrive with official availability) is the iPhone X. And we’ve used every single flagship iPhone Apple has ever made. Our iPhone Xs Max units will surpass it as the iPhone X is just a bit too small (narrow, actually) for us.

Now, you can argue that the iPhone 4 thru SE is the best phone design Apple’s ever made. It’s subjective, but we won’t argue with you on that. It was exquisite and it had the sleep/wake button in the right place, not directly across from the volume buttons.

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