The iPhone SE was the best phone Apple ever made, and now it’s dead

“I only wanted one thing out of 2018’s iPhone event: a new iPhone SE. In failing to provide it Apple seems to have quietly put the model out to pasture — and for this I curse them eternally,” Devin Coldewey writes for TechCrunch. “Because it was the best phone the company ever made.”

“I’ve always loved the iPhone design that began with the 4,” Coldewey writes. “The 4 established an entirely new industrial design aesthetic that was at once instantly recognizable and highly practical. Gone were the smooth, rounded edges and back of the stainless original iPhone (probably the second-best phone Apple made) and the jellybean-esque 3G and 3GS. In the place of those soft curves were hard lines and uncompromising geometry: a belt of metal running around the edge, set off from the glass sides by the slightest of steps. It highlighted and set off the black glass of the screen and bezel, producing a of specular outline from any angle.”

“While I am disappointed in Apple, I’m not surprised. After all, it’s disappointed me for years,” Coldewey writes. “But I still have my SE, and I intend to keep it for as long as possible. Because it’s the best thing the company ever made, and it’s still a hell of a phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone SE is not “the best phone Apple’s ever made” nor is it the “best thing Apple’s ever made.”

The best phone Apple’s ever made (until the new ones arrive with official availability) is the iPhone X. And we’ve used every single flagship iPhone Apple has ever made. Our iPhone Xs Max units will surpass it as the iPhone X is just a bit too small (narrow, actually) for us.

Now, you can argue that the iPhone 4 thru SE is the best phone design Apple’s ever made. It’s subjective, but we won’t argue with you on that. It was exquisite and it had the sleep/wake button in the right place, not directly across from the volume buttons.

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    1. Trying to watch movies and play games etc are making phones bigger, to the point a tablet should take over the job. For communications, PIM, GPS, Internet, or banking etc, smaller mobile device is more convenient and more than suffice.
      Remember the StarTac of yesteryears? Perfect size for tossing it around and throwing it in any pocket. It even had a convenient external battery for instant exchange. I would pay $1K for something like that with today’s screen and guts.

  1. I was in bed the other night. My alarm set to 1:50 am central. I reached for my iPhone X. And then thought about the day that I reach for the max instead. I thought about how nice it was to be able to hold the x in one hand and actually type. I can see everything. Great screen. Great sound. Camera is plenty amazing. And then decided to put my phone down and not preorder the new iPhone for the first time since the iPhone 3GS.

    The iPhone X is not the greatest iPhone ever made. I’m sure the new ones are. I just am not in awe of them enough to order one. The x was ahead of its time and hard to surpass to the point of enticing me to upgrade.

    1. If the components for an iPhone 6 or 6s fit in the smaller size, so would the components for at least an iPhone 8. If miniaturization were still a priority for Apple, I suspect that an iPhone X would fit with only a few compromises. It’s chicken and egg: if the parts don’t fit in a smaller case it’s because the designers knew they could expand into a larger case.

    1. Your analogy would work if the reason he kept his 1972 Frigidaire was that it was the last refrigerator with appropriate dimensions to store what he needed to keep cool. Why do you expect him to throw away an appliance that does what he wants so that he can replace it with something that doesn’t?

  2. The iPhone SE had the best shape of ANY cell phone. The round-sided iPhones and iPad slide out of my hands, almost every time, without a case. The iPhone SE shape (iPhone 4 and 5 also), are quite EASY to hold onto. Isn’t it so idiotic for Apple to make such shapes that few like?

    Same thing with the Magic Mouse. It’s too flat, too low. Why do SteelSeries, Logitech, Razer and even Microsoft make mice that you can feel in the palm of your hand? Because people like them best. Many complain about Apple’s low-profile mice. Don’t get me wrong, the Magic Mouse is a great concept. But why so low, and why a mouse with moving parts, when Apple can easily make it WITHOUT any moving parts? Now, THAT would be something!

  3. I believe the ‘57 Chevy is the greatest car ever.

    Should i expect Chevrolet to keep building them? Should i curse them eternally for not doing so? Should I be disappointed at them for years?

    Yet this author believes Apple should abide by his wishes and whims. And damn them for not doing so.

    The word “entitled” describes him well.

    1. Again, wrong analogy. It isn’t like preferring a ‘57 Chevy to a new car. It is like preferring a 2019 Ford passenger car to a truck or SUV when they are no longer selling one (other than the Mustang).

  4. iPhone SE, and the 5s, are great. I frankly am fed up with my large, bulky iPhone 6s and am considering buying a SE before they all disappear. iPhone X had an obvious design error on the screen, which is laughable.

  5. No.

    The iPhone 3gs was the best iPhone. The 4 wasn’t as comfortable to hold, and no iPhone since has been that comfortable. It had a sturdy plastic back that could take abuse better than any iPhone since. And it wouldn’t run the hideously ugly iOS 7. It’s amazing how beautiful iOS 6 looks today compared to the ugly flatness that has been inflicted upon us by bad designers at Apple.

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