Why all three of Apple’s new iPhones – Xs, Xs Max, and XR – will be a success

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stay awake long enough,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “You, though, because you’re so very excitable and excited, had multiple browsers and apps whirling at midnight on Thursday to order your new iPhone XS or XS Max. Or, perhaps, your shiny new blue XR.”

“Looking with chilled eyes, it seems clear that Apple has been very astute in the way it’s positioned these three phones. It’s easy to imagine that the XR might be a little like the 5C — a cheap and very cheerful starter version of the iPhone,” Matyszczyk writes. “It isn’t. Instead, Cupertino wisely stopped to consider those who are emotionally opposed to paying four figures for a phone. They’re people who seek value.”

“The XR is a remarkably fine version of the X, with a slightly more, well, populist flavor,” Matyszczyk writes. “The biggest, the best, and the best value are the three choices on offer to those who want — or even need — a new iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With iPhones starting at just $449 up to $1449, there’s now an iPhone for anyone in Apple’s target market (premium smartphones). Apple’s going to set some serious iPhone sales records this cycle!


  1. As a shareholder, I’m happy to say I completely agree with this article.

    This is the first time apple has introduced a truly lust-worthy value oriented phone. With a screen size bigger on the value phone than EVERY previous generation iphone. True top of the line performance, colors. A very exciting phone for those who prefer more normal pricing

    And, at the same time they’re introducing the max, which IMO is an absolutely lust-worthy phone for those happy to spend for the very best and biggest. I’m very optimistic that all three phones will sell like hot cakes.

    I think its a perfect lineup

    Also excited about that beautiful new watch

  2. Many people are left outside the market with these sizes. The market that is looking for a very compact option like the iPhone SE is ignored. And as much as I like the IOS i like the size of the SE.
    If Apple does not offer the SE anymore or something that replaces it i will stick with my SE as long as I can and I am not buying the other bigger iPhones .
    The only thing that could keep me in the ecosystem is replacing the SE with the Apple Watch .

    1. I see very few people using small screen phones these days. I was going to wait and get my wife the XR but she doesn’t want anything bigger than the XS. My older family members have the text size cranked up so high I can read it across the room so I doubt that demographic is wanting a smaller screen either. If 1% of the market is looking for an SE size phone I’m sure they can find one on eBay.

    2. As a share holder, I suspect Apple knows what it’s doing in terms of maximizing profits. That’s kind of a reasonable interpretation of their job

      As a user, I relate to your comment in the following way. i want an iPad mini with top of the line performance, and just like you I feel my desires are being left behind. So while I love the Xs Max, I totally get your desire for a High end SE

      1. I love my SE its quite new so probably won’t be thinking about replacing for. couple years of more. When I do I will consider a bigger phone but if I feel it is just too big to fit comfortably in my pocket I am open minded as to what my next move will be, its not that Android phones of that size with decent specs are overflowing. It might be however that a phone a little bigger than the SE with a full face screen just might be in Apples plans by then when no doubt they feel that there is a market for an upgraded phone from those of us who like smaller more compact phones. I certainly see a fair few SE iPhones around even if it is relatively speaking niche now.

    3. Jeeezus McFaq I hate hearing this CRAPPE about the SE being dead. There are tons of SE’s out there! New, second hand, refurbished – just go friggin’ buy one!

      It even runs iOS 12!

      Stop the lies that the SE is dead, just look at your favourite marketplace and friggin’ well buy one, Alex. Sheesh! Sheezus McFaq!

  3. I am due to upgrade for a new iPhone. I choose iPhone Xs Max. Well you may think I am crazy, but my vision is getting from bad to worse so I need the biggest iPhone 📱. I am going to wait for two weeks for delivery 📦.😀

  4. I just bought two iPhone SE For $89 each. When you consider a Plug cost $29. I bought the phones for $50. I will use them as phones Until they are not supported. And then they will become used as iPod touches that cost $199 without a plug.” I am in high cotton. “

  5. Thought I was gonna go for the Max, but I’ll wait till the display models are in the stores. On thing I will definitely miss is the double tap on home button to bring the screen down.
    I’ll just have to adapt 🙂

    1. I am assuming that you know you can turn on reachability in the setting. Then you can just swipe down on the bottom bar on the phone. Not the same as double tap, but works.

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