“A year after Apple made huge — but pricey — changes to its smartphone lineup with the iPhone X, it may finally have a redesigned, cheaper phone for the rest of us,” Shara Tibken writes for CNET. “The company plans to host an event at 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday at the Steve Jobs Theater on its campus in Cupertino, California. During the event, it likely will introduce three new iPhones, according to media reports. Two of the models, rumored to go by iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, will include all the new bells and whistles. But for once, the most intriguing model out of the trio may be the most affordable.”

“Apple is expected to introduce a device that looks like the iPhone X but uses cheaper components, like an LCD display instead of a more vibrant OLED screen, to keep the costs down,” Tibken writes. “Its rumored name, according to the publication, is the iPhone Xr. The publication said the new device will sport multiple colors and feature aluminum sides instead of stainless steel like the iPhone X.”

“It will reportedly feature a ‘near’ 6.1-inch screen, which would make it larger than the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X and its rumored successor, the iPhone XS — a break in the typical dynamic that bigger automatically means more expensive,” Tibken writes. “Let’s face it: Being an iPhone fan has been tough unless you were willing to fork over $999 — or more — for the iPhone X. If you wanted one of Apple’s smartphones last year but couldn’t splurge for the iPhone X, you were stuck buying the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus… This new, ‘budget’ iPhone X-style phone likely won’t be cheap, with rumors pegging it anywhere between $699 and $849, but it’s a far cry from dropping a grand or more on the latest and greatest from Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “iPhone Xr?” Sheesh. Regardless of the name, this will be the iPhone that brings the masses into fluid, speedy, gesture-based iOS, a realm only iPhone X users have enjoyed for the past year.

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