“A consistent expectation seems to be that Apple will remove the home button, also known as Touch ID from across the new iPhone models,” Carolina Milanesi writes for Tech.pinions. ” I can tell you that having used an iPhone X as my main smartphone since its launch I have not regretted the move from Touch ID to Face ID. Except for a few occasions when due to poor light conditions or my inability to open my eyes properly, mostly first thing in the morning, Face ID just works. From picking up to swiping up, all is one fluid movement that makes you feel like your phone was not even locked.”

“We asked how satisfied users were with some key features of the iPhone X. Satisfaction runs pretty high across features with the exception of Siri where users were much more ambivalent,” Milanesi writes. “When looking at the average satisfaction the Super Retina 5.8” display ranked highest at 1.87 (on a -2 to 2 range), followed by the speed of the iPhone X (1.85) and the looks of the iPhone X (1.84). The new Swipe-based gesture interface scored 1.70 and Face ID scored 1.53.”

“When looking at the features individually, 79% of the sample was very satisfied with the Swipe-based gesture UI and 65% was very satisfied with Face ID. The ambivalence on Siri comes across clearly when looking at how the sample was distributed: 33% was somewhat satisfied, 27% was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and another 21% was somewhat dissatisfied,” Milanesi writes. “70% of the panel strongly disagrees that they ‘miss the home button from previous iPhone models.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: A survey after our own hearts. After nearly a year with iPhone X units in our hands: Die, antiquated Home button, die! The second Apple dump the Home button on iPad Pro is the second we replace our iPad Pros with new models.

iPhone X owners are extremely satisfied with basically everything except Siri – April 20, 2018