‘Evernote is in a death spiral’ as several top execs flee

TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that in the last month, Evernote lost several of its most senior executives, including its CTO Anirban Kundu, CFO Vincent Toolan, CPO Erik Wrobel and head of HR Michelle Wagner beyond the usual attrition of engineers and designers,” Ingrid Lunden reports for TechCrunch. “The departures are coming at a key time: we have also heard that Evernote is fundraising, potentially in a down-round from its most recent (but now several years-old) valuation of $1.2 billion. The company would not comment on the funding but confirmed the staff departures.”

“Evernote was one of the first to gain critical mass for a service that tapped into the idea of using the cloud to store data to create a handy way of recording and organizing notes on a phone, computer or tablet, which you could then access on whatever device you happened to use next,” Lunden reports. “In its heyday, the company consistently ranked as one of the most popular apps in the app store, and the top-ranking productivity app. But its place at the top, and its virtually uncontested hold on the device-agnostic note-taking use case, was not to last.”

“The companies that make operating systems themselves all provide their own note-taking apps (Apple has Notes, Google has Keep, for example),” Lunden reports. “Once holding the number-one ranking, the flagship Evernote app today ranks at 55 in productivity, according to App Annie, and its downloads are not high enough for it to register with a ranking among overall apps… A person who tipped TechCrunch off to the executive departures gave a slightly more blunt and uncharitable spin on the state of affairs. ‘Evernote is in a death spiral,’ the tipster claimed. ‘Paid user growth and active users have been flat for the last six years and their enterprise product offering has not caught on.'”

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      1. I don’t share your opinion of applecynic. If he is an android troll, he is an uncommonly intelligent one. But I don’t think he is. Instead, I see a person who is not blinded by the marketing hype of Apple or of any other company, and who questions whether the so-called “Apple tax” is worth paying. We are long past the era of hapless users hypnotised by Steve Jobs into emptying their wallets. Nowadays, the claims of Apple marketing and fanboys taken in by it need to be considered in the harsh light of reality.

        1. Indeed, the worst emptying of wallets has come *after* Steve Jobs passing. Forcing Mac users to choose, up front, the amount of storage and RAM they’ll need three years from now, and then pay today’s expensive offerings from Apple, is an affront to loyal customers.

          My last personal Mac is a 2012 Macbook Pro that I can (and have) upgraded RAM and HD–> SSD years later, for a fraction of what it would’ve cost if I’d bought upfront.

          Today’s entry-level MBP is a joke. 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage for $1299? and $200 to bump SSD it to 256 GB (all other specs identical)? I can buy a WD 256 GB PCIE SSD for $89!! The Apple tax is real and ridiculous.

          A friend who works at an Apple store refuses to even consider getting a MBP because he thinks they’re overpriced for what you get! That’s saying something.

  1. …surprised that Drafts was not on MacDailynews list. My go to app for notes everytime…and dont use the markdown features, but the Drafts app fpr me is the “bees knees”.

  2. I have been using for several years. I like it and use it every day. It works better than ever for me as I gain experience and they continue to improve the product. I hope that it continues to thrive and grow. Maybe the bad news is just FUD spread by enemies? Time will tell.

    1. … I decided to investigate. There are suggestions that what I store, I can share. IF that is stored on iCloud. My MBP asked if I wanted to do that, I said “no, but thank you”. My iMac just went ahead, not so much as a “by your leave”. So, now anyone who is interested can check out my notes on GURPS. Maybe.

  3. Spent about a year using Evernote.. then had syncing problems, corrupted notes.. multiple versions of same notes or older versions of notes popping up. Same with Microsoft OneNote… it would spend days trying to sync notebooks… sit and spin… I copied and pasted everything over to Apple Notes 2 years ago and NEVER a problem since then… syncing out of my mind… it JUST WORKS! That’s the wholel point of the APPLE ECOSYSTEM… it just works.. peace, out.

  4. I have been using Evernote for too long.
    I was use that Google Notes I believe and Evernote was able to just suck it all in.
    That said Evernote has gotten continually worse as time goes by. Sync issues, slow page openings on Desktop. Insane. Odd that on Android I have seen it works very well. iPhone/iPad it works but nothing to write home. On my MBP it sucks.

    All in all I liked that it was supposedly encrypted and secure but Jeez I need to face reality. If they suck which I know they do I must get my stuff out of there.
    Report true or not

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