“Apple will forever be entwined with Aug. 2, 2018 – the day it became the world’s first company to boast a market capitalization of $1 trillion,” James Brumley writes for Kiplinger. “The financial media cheered the event, of course – not so much lauding Apple’s growth or the red-hot year for AAPL stock, but acknowledging the sheer spectacle of any company reaching such a milestone.”

“The matter does beg one overarching question, though: Now what?” Brumley writes. “Like all milestones, passing the $1 trillion mark is interesting, but it remains to be seen how – or even if – the psychology of reaching the big, round number will affect the stock’s performance going forward. Apple still has to grow its top and bottom lines, and investors still expect AAPL shares to continue to rise on that growth.”

“Wall Street is a ‘What have you done for me lately?’ kind of place.” Brumley writes “Still, there’s something special enough about $1 trillion. To put things in perspective, back in 1970, the sum-total size of the entire market had just reached $1 trillion. Almost 50 years later, Apple alone is the same size.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Betteridge’s law of headlines has just been broken.

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