Apple Pay has several advantages over also-ran payment schemes

“There’s hope for the digital wallet. Despite 5 plus years of announcements from Google, Samsung, PayPal, Venmo, Square, Stripe, and Apple advancing the digital wallet theme, we believe less than 20% of global smartphone users actually use their phone as a wallet,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. “Eventually, we believe that number will rise to above 80%.”

“Apple has several advantages to brand the iPhone as the premium digital wallet given its ability to integrate payments into both mobile and desktop operating systems, use its brand to win accepting retailers and supporting banks, and reassure users that transactions are secure and private,” Munster writes. “Separately, Apple Pay is the only digital wallet with all five payment pillars: mobile, desktop, in-app, peer to peer, and point of sale.”

“Apple Pay is still too small to move the overall Services business (only 1-2% of Services revenue, growing at 40%). Today, Apple often markets the iPhone around the camera and its filters (portrait, studio, stage), notably with the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign. In the future, we expect the digital wallet to be a marketable iPhone feature. Adoption of Apple Pay is growing, and we believe 31% of iPhone users have used Apple Pay in the past year, compared to 25% a year ago,” Munster writes. “There are currently 24 countries where Apple Pay is accepted, soon be 25 with the addition of Germany later this year. We now estimate total Apple Pay user base at about 253 million (International at 215m, US at 38m).”

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MacDailyNews Take: The pace of its rollout across the globe seems glacial, but Apple Pay is steadily cementing its dominance in the digital wallet market.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. During this time in US and Brit history when there is so much fake and vile anti-Russian/Trump/Corbyn, pro-Hillary/May propaganda, I will paraphrase a revolutionary Soviet slogan, “Apple pay is as inevitable as spring and as as mighty as the spring floods.”

  2. I still prefer to use ty he card, except for Amex.
    Samsung Pay works everywhere.

    Just yesterday the cashier saw me take out my phone and said “we don’t take Apple Pay”. I said dont worry about it….

    It worked. Not bragging, it’s not important enough, just sayin’

    1. Samsung Pay is problematic at places with chip readers. The cashier needs to know what they’re doing to make it work. It can be hit and miss in general. Read some forums on these issues. Lots of users say it didn’t work at this store or that store and in some cases the same store where it works one time and not another time. Samsung Pay is also less secure because of the trick it uses to work everywhere. It isn’t 100 percent accurate to say it works everywhere.

        1. From an Android Central article about Samsung Pay.

          “While it doesn’t work everywhere, or in every case, it is a handy alternative to digging through your wallet for your card.”

          Samsung Pay is good but it does not work everywhere and sometimes people can’t get it to work. You’re overselling it.

            1. I’m going to make an assumption that you’re smart enough to know that because Samsung Pay works everywhere you have used it doesn’t mean it really works everywhere. Would it be okay for someone who has had Apple Pay work everywhere they have used it to say Apple Pay works everywhere? Certainly not.

              If you pointed that out to the Apple Pay user would it be okay for that person to then say I’m just reporting my experience and go on to say well, I can’t say definitively that Apple Pay might not work everywhere but that hasn’t been my experience? Certainly not. We know Apple Pay doesn’t work everywhere.

              What I am trying to say is let’s not exaggerate about tech. Especially not in a tech forum. Samsung Pay is good. It has some issues. It does work in more places than Apple Pay. It does not work everywhere and it does not work all the time.

              When we don’t stick to the truth and use our personal experiences to make blanket statements about tech we come off as fans.

            2. I properly qualified my statements. No fandom. An establishment doesn’t need to accept Samsung Pay as a form of payment. You can’t use Samsung Pay to pay with Amex at an establishment that doesn’t accept Amex for instance. But it is more broadly available as a result. And yes, in my experience, it does work with devices with chip readers.

            3. You didn’t qualify anything. You said and I quote “Samsung Pay works everywhere.” It. Does. Not. What is wrong with you? Are you one of those people who can’t admit a mistake?

            4. And PS… I reported MY experience. I suppose you want me to change my experience to fit an article you read? I don’t deny the veracity of the article.

              By I can tell you this… Samsung Pay does not require Samsung approval, or merchant approval. Perhaps it’s just a comparability issue to the extent that it’s an issue at all.

              Contrast that with the Apple Corral. Much. More. Limited.

              Enough grey matter for this trivial subject for me….

  3. My iPhone is literally my wallet. I use a Vena iPhone wallet case. It allows me to carry 4 cards: 2 credit cards, one ID, one health insurance card. And, I can fold a couple bills in there as well. Naturally, I prefer using ApplePay, but if I must, I have a credit card handy.

  4. I wish the major banks in Australia would work out a deal and support Apple Pay. It’s frustrating, as almost all payments here use tap/touch or whatever for under $100, so whipping out a card seems so outdated (but not as bad as swipe n pin).
    We even have coffee shops that don’t accept cash – just tap n go!

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