“When Apple broke the $1,000 barrier for its iPhone X last September, critics scoffed at its exorbitant price. They doubted people would reach so deeply into their wallets for a phone that outpriced two other perfectly good iPhones, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The critics were wrong,” Jessica Dolcourt writes for CNET. “Apple CEO Tim Cook said in July that the iPhone X had outsold every other Apple device in each week since it went on sale Nov. 3, 2017.”

“With strong iPhone X sales, Apple proved that mainstream buyers are willing to pay almost as much, if not more, for their cell phones as they would for a powerful laptop,” Dolcourt writes. “And with rumors of an even pricier 2018 iPhone X Plus-style phone coming down the pike this September, Apple’s moves to usher in the era of the $1,000 phone may just be getting underway.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X

“Now, as we head into the fall’s iPhone season, Apple has a chance to iterate on a new line of iPhone X phones that resets the iPhone’s tippy-toe price point,” Dolcourt writes. “‘There is great scope to have [an iPhone] X Plus. Why wouldn’t that be $1,200?’ [Ben Wood, the chief research analyst at CCS Insight], said, adding that people would snap up an even more expensive iPhone X. ‘There’s going to be a huge immediate backlash on social media: ‘What an outrage!’ and quietly people will go off and buy it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The only “backlash on social media,” as if that matters a whit, will be from those who can’t afford it. Those who can, and who appreciate having a pocketable supercomputer with the best display ever made, will recognize the value and line up – and not “quietly,” either. We’ve never been, nor will we ever be, embarrassed, as Wood implies, to own the world’s best iPhone.

We can’t wait to upgrade our just-a-bit-too-small iPhone X units for 6.5-inch iPhones – hopefully as soon as next month!