“Apple’s gravity-defying exploit in becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company is no small feat,” Dante Disparte writes for Forbes. “It is very likely the next firms to join the trillion-dollar club will all benefit from similar strategies, elements and market forces as Apple, but they will likely make this trillion-dollar mark in less time. In addition to leveraging technology, defining new markets and capturing network effects, the trillion-dollar club will exploit one critical market force, which is the concept of compression. Or, defined more elegantly, the notion of creators and accelerators, where the latter are leaders who create industries and new markets and the former the leaders who transform them and at speed with technology at the core.”

“In the same way that Henry Ford created the modern automotive industry, someone like Elon Musk, notwithstanding his erratic behavior or perhaps because of it, is likely to accelerate the automotive industry,” Disparte writes. “The concept of compression is shown in the fact that it took Ford more than 100 years to reach the market cap that Tesla achieved in 14.”

Disparte writes, “In Apple’s case this compression effect, a hyper-accelerated version of digital transformation, took 42 years to achieve this record-breaking valuation, much of it achieved in the decade since the iPhone was launched. The next likely firms to follow Apple in this feat, either Amazon, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, or Facebook, provided it can overcome its monthly active user curse, will likely break the trillion-dollar mark in much less time.”

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Financial returns are simply the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values. – Tim Cook

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me… Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me. – Steve Jobs

Tim Cook’s message to Apple employees about hitting landmark $1 trillion valuation – August 3, 2018