Turn your old iPad into a photo frame for $2

“Got an old tablet lying around?” Rick Broida writes for CNET. “I’m a huge fan of repurposing it into a full-time digital photo frame.”

“I say this as someone who’s owned an actual, dedicated photo frame for years — one that cost around $150 when I bought it. I love it; my family loves it. Guests gush over it. Why more people don’t have these, I really don’t understand,” Broida writes. “Here’s your chance to have one for practically nothing. There are lots of ways to put a spare tablet to work as a photo frame, but I’ve yet to find one as flat-out simple — and affordable — as Framee. Available for Android and iOS, a one-year subscription (purchased in-app) costs just $2.”

“It works like this: You install the app on both your phone and your tablet,” Broida writes. “(This can be a relative’s tablet, too — a nice option if you want to share photos with, say, tablet-owning grandparents.) The phone supplies the photos: Just select one from within the Framee app and presto, it gets delivered to the tablet. Bam. Done… There’s also a built-in timer that can turn the screen off during designated times, like at night.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, if you have an old iPad Air that’s gathering dust, give it to the grandparents and, for $1.99/year, you and your other family members can share photos with them! (The subscription allows you to invite other people to add photos to your stream. For example, a sibling can invite another sibling so they can both send photographs to the grandparent’s iPad.)


  1. I wouldn’t purchase the Plus version. I just did, expecting unlimited pictures to be uploaded to my account as well as scrolling through those unlimited pictures. But, it will only show the last 5 pictures that one uploads and I don’t know what it actually does with the others. Except for being able to send to multiple iPads and have multiple people override those 5 pictures, you should stick to the free version until they update their capabilities.

  2. Free option:
    Go to Photos app. Open any existing Album or just use the Camera Roll instead. Tap Select. Select All or select just the photos you want. Tap the Share icon. Tap Slideshow. DONE. Secure and free of any payments. Tap Options to adjust effects, speed and music.

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