“If you are a seasoned software developer, then like me, you must have realized the need to keep yourself up to date with the latest technology trends, best practices as well as productivity tools in this dynamic tech environment,” Geoffrey Barnes writes for LoudProgrammer. “In so doing, you get to accomplish tasks more efficiently and beat your deadlines.”

“Learning new technologies will keep you on your toes and broaden your knowledge in software development which in turn helps you find different ways of approaching and providing software solutions to business needs,” Barnes writes. “Thanks to some of the best blogs on technology out there.”

“In this list today, I have put together the top 100 technology blogs in 2018 I follow,” Barnes writes. “These are technology bogs that I read, that inspire me and that I think make a great recommendation for every developer to follow in order to stay well informed.”

The full list here.

MacDailyNews Take: Check out No.34… oh, scratch that, you already are!

Thanks, Geoffrey!