“U.S. mobile phone users are slowly reducing their reliance on Wi-Fi as carriers continue to ramp up their unlimited data offerings,” Paul Sawers reports for VentureBeat. “That’s according to data from OpenSignal, which recently published its second Wi-Fi versus mobile data report.”

During the 90-day period beginning on December 1, 2017, the “time spent by Verizon subscribers on Wi-Fi dropped to 51 percent from 54 percent, while AT&T customers’ use fell to less than half at 49 percent, down from 52 percent on the corresponding period last year,” Sawers reports. “Elsewhere, T-Mobile customers’ reliance on Wi-Fi dropped 2 percentage points to 41 percent, while Sprint remained static at 51 percent.”

Sawers reports, “Put simply, the unlimited data war that kicked off last year has likely had some impact on how users access the internet via their mobile devices.”

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