Quicken 2018’s subscription isn’t really a subscription

“When Mac Quicken 2018 was announced as subscription only, I vented on Twitter: ‘Quicken is now sold on a membership basis.’ Screw that—it’d cost me $50/year just for quote downloads, basically.'” Rob Griffiths writes for The Robservatory.

“However, as part of my work on investigating a Quicken 2007 replacement — a longer post on that very topic is coming out shortly — I discovered that Quicken has done themselves something of a disservice with their marketing,” Griffiths writes. “Quicken 2018 is not a typical software subscription, it’s more of a traditional model.”

“In a modern software subscription plan, as with Microsoft’s Office 365 or Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you only have rights to use the software while your subscription is active. Stop subscribing, and you can’t use the apps any more,” Griffiths writes. “But that’s not how Quicken’s subscription works. Quicken’s subscription is backed by something they call the Data Access Guarantee, which insures you’ll always be able to access your financial data… Even if I stop subscribing, I’ll be able to continue using Quicken 2018 (or 2019 or whatever) much the same way I use Quicken 2007 today: As a standalone app without access to online services or Quicken’s support services. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news for Quicken for Mac users who can do without online services/support and who’d rather not pay a recurring subscription.

Quicken 2018 released for Macintosh – October 23, 2017


  1. I don’t care what version of Quicken it is I gave up on it several years ago. I wasted way too much money on the software product that didn’t work worth a damn. I for one will never go back they had too many chances and blew it

  2. Interesting But I SERIOUSLY doubt that Intuit is going to let you ENTER new data past your subscription.. Sure… what you’ve done may always be accessible… but enter new data? Not. A. Chance.

    I use QuickBooks at work, but am nearing retirement… which is good as QuickBooks for Mac is now an ONLINE ONLY product. I’ll NEVER EVER trust a 3rd party with my financial data, ESPECIALLY Intuit.

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