“If you have ever wondered how Apple came to choose the wake word for Hey Siri function, its latest machine learning article focusing on the Siri trigger phrase provides the answer,” Christian Zibreg writes for iDownloadBlog. “According to Apple, Hey Siri was chosen because of the way it trips off the tongue.”

The phrase “Hey Siri” was originally chosen to be as natural as possible. In fact, it was so natural that even before this feature was introduced users would invoke Siri using the Home button and inadvertently prepend their requests with “Hey Siri.” — Apple Inc.

Zibreg writes, “The quote is pulled from the latest article in Apple’s fascinating Machine Learning series which details how the Cupertino tech giant is tapping the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and its homegrown chips to add smart features to products.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For us, “Hey Siri” still works best on our Apple Watches with our HomePods a close second.