Why Apple chose the phrase ‘Hey Siri’

“If you have ever wondered how Apple came to choose the wake word for Hey Siri function, its latest machine learning article focusing on the Siri trigger phrase provides the answer,” Christian Zibreg writes for iDownloadBlog. “According to Apple, Hey Siri was chosen because of the way it trips off the tongue.”

The phrase “Hey Siri” was originally chosen to be as natural as possible. In fact, it was so natural that even before this feature was introduced users would invoke Siri using the Home button and inadvertently prepend their requests with “Hey Siri.” — Apple Inc.

Zibreg writes, “The quote is pulled from the latest article in Apple’s fascinating Machine Learning series which details how the Cupertino tech giant is tapping the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and its homegrown chips to add smart features to products.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For us, “Hey Siri” still works best on our Apple Watches with our HomePods a close second.


  1. Nope… “hey Siri” is actually the main reason I’m sticking with echos and not HomePods.. I set the wake word to on my echos to “computer” . Just feels right.

  2. Now if only Siri could differentiate between “Hey Siri” and “Hey Sarah”. Frequently after calling my daughter, I hear my phone chime and say, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that.” Laugh my butt off.

    1. My wife had an amusing false Siri trigger, she is German and has a rather cute English accent, quite unlike a typical German accent.

      She was talking to an elderly lady and advising her to wear support stockings. The lady always took care about her appearance and wanted to know if she could buy support stockings which looked a bit more stylish. My wife said that “I don’t think these people make sexy hosiery” and then my wife’s phone lit up and said “I’m listening …”

      1. With my clear English diction, Siri is very reliable for me and I can’t get Siri to fall for words like ‘hosiery’ or ‘history’, but my TomTom satnav device regularly hears a phrase on the radio or in conversation within the car which makes it blank the navigation screen and display a list of spoken commands which it does understand. Sadly one spoken command which isn’t there is “Stop being so stupid and show me where I’m supposed to be going”.

        1. “Clear English Diction” – this does not apply to anyone here in Oklahoma or God forsaken Texas. At our house our phones and HomePod seems to struggle with Haaayyyy Sear-eeeee
          and truly I just can’t blame her ><

  3. User customization of Siri is LONG over due. There are so many things I could script it to do for me that it can’t do in its current, *gag*, minimalist form.

    Again, why has Apple hobbled Siri to be less capable in many respects than its own PlainTalk technology from the 1990s? The mind boggles.

    Wake The Frell Up, Apple!

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