“Surprisingly, the Apple Watch Series 3 has been out for six months already,” Ste Smith writes for Cult of Mac. “While time has flown by (pun intended), the Series 3 watch has easily become one of my favourite Apple releases of the past year. Although I’ve already done a full review, I wanted to revisit it now that half a year has passed to tell you about my experience with it, what I like, what I don’t and if it’s worth it.”

“Six months in and my Apple Watch Series 3 has held up brilliantly, there’s no scuffs and only one or two very light scratches,” Smith writes. “Battery life has also really surprised me on the Series 3, giving me 2 full days on average. Of course, I’d love it to last even longer again but compared to my original watch which barely lasts a day, this is a massive improvement. I tend to put my watch on charge every night, just out of habit but it’s nice when I’ve forgotten to put it on charge and I wake up to find it’s still got 60% or so left – which is plenty for a full day of use.”

“With the past two series of the Apple Watch, they were more of a luxury. One that could be infuriating to use,” Smith writes. “But with the Series 3, it’s actually something functional and useful; generally helping add to the whole Apple ecosystem.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Apple Watch Series 3 is strong (it takes a licking and keeps on ticking), fast (especially compared to previous models), and grows ever more useful. It’s an excellent product that we highly recommend, especially the cellular-equipped model.