Apple Watch Series 3: Does it still hold up 6 months on?

“Surprisingly, the Apple Watch Series 3 has been out for six months already,” Ste Smith writes for Cult of Mac. “While time has flown by (pun intended), the Series 3 watch has easily become one of my favourite Apple releases of the past year. Although I’ve already done a full review, I wanted to revisit it now that half a year has passed to tell you about my experience with it, what I like, what I don’t and if it’s worth it.”

“Six months in and my Apple Watch Series 3 has held up brilliantly, there’s no scuffs and only one or two very light scratches,” Smith writes. “Battery life has also really surprised me on the Series 3, giving me 2 full days on average. Of course, I’d love it to last even longer again but compared to my original watch which barely lasts a day, this is a massive improvement. I tend to put my watch on charge every night, just out of habit but it’s nice when I’ve forgotten to put it on charge and I wake up to find it’s still got 60% or so left – which is plenty for a full day of use.”

“With the past two series of the Apple Watch, they were more of a luxury. One that could be infuriating to use,” Smith writes. “But with the Series 3, it’s actually something functional and useful; generally helping add to the whole Apple ecosystem.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Apple Watch Series 3 is strong (it takes a licking and keeps on ticking), fast (especially compared to previous models), and grows ever more useful. It’s an excellent product that we highly recommend, especially the cellular-equipped model.


    1. Mine too, though I now top up the charge during the day. Once it gets down to below 30% it can suddenly shut off. Otherwise I don’t see a reason to buy a new one until its thinner and has a bigger screen. ~$450 for about three years of daily use is still a bit of a pill to swallow.

    2. I still have a series 1 and have found it to be been very glitchy and increasing with each of the updates. Similar to the update experience with earlier iPhones.

  1. Love my Series 3. Track workouts, check notifications, send messages using Hey Siri, unlock my door as I approach home, check the weather quickly, add items to my shopping list or my “join todo list” shared with my spouse, ask for directions while driving without invoking the car’s poor Bluetooth integration with my iPhone, get tapped on the wrist when a turn is coming up so I don’t miss it, check how many miles remain before my bus stop (thanks, OmniBuzz!) so I don’t miss it, and so much more!
    Oh, and know what time it is. 😉

    Best Christmas gift ever! (Well, after the original iPhone my spouse bought me back in 2006.)

  2. Yawn… I never see anyone wearing one. Perhaps that’s because it is so big and ugly an doesn’t do anything useful . The only people who bought the stupid gold ones were rappers and footballers. Old money prefers something thin, gorgeous and Swiss.

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