“Back at the beginning of 2010, Google felt quite confident that its Android platform would crush Apple’s iPhone in the same way Microsoft Windows had marginalized Mac sales into relative obscurity with 2 percent market share in the late 1990s. However, Apple changed the game by launching another new iOS product: iPad. It split Google’s focus and demonstrated that Android as a platform couldn’t turn a bunch of commodity PC and phone makers into an innovative, creative challenge to Apple,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Eight years later, Google appears ready to give up on tablets entirely.”

“Google’s upcoming Android P release drops support for Pixel C, the company’s last effort at building an Android tablet,” Dilger writes. “Android P also drops support for all remaining Nexus branded devices.”

“Google’s failure to sell tablets isn’t just the fault of lacking Apple’s scale or relying on third parties to build its processors and to develop the outline of its hardware. It has also failed to develop a market for tablet-specific Android apps, instead relying on developers to simply stretch their smartphone apps into tablet-sized screens,” Dilger writes. “But at this point, it’s been over two years since Google even introduced a new tablet of its own, and its last Pixel C was discontinued in December. Google can deny it has given up on tablets, but imagine the headlines if Apple discontinued all of its iPads and stopped supporting them in the next iOS. ”

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