Google gives up on tablets: Android P marks an end to its efforts to take on Apple’s iPad

“Back at the beginning of 2010, Google felt quite confident that its Android platform would crush Apple’s iPhone in the same way Microsoft Windows had marginalized Mac sales into relative obscurity with 2 percent market share in the late 1990s. However, Apple changed the game by launching another new iOS product: iPad. It split Google’s focus and demonstrated that Android as a platform couldn’t turn a bunch of commodity PC and phone makers into an innovative, creative challenge to Apple,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Eight years later, Google appears ready to give up on tablets entirely.”

“Google’s upcoming Android P release drops support for Pixel C, the company’s last effort at building an Android tablet,” Dilger writes. “Android P also drops support for all remaining Nexus branded devices.”

“Google’s failure to sell tablets isn’t just the fault of lacking Apple’s scale or relying on third parties to build its processors and to develop the outline of its hardware. It has also failed to develop a market for tablet-specific Android apps, instead relying on developers to simply stretch their smartphone apps into tablet-sized screens,” Dilger writes. “But at this point, it’s been over two years since Google even introduced a new tablet of its own, and its last Pixel C was discontinued in December. Google can deny it has given up on tablets, but imagine the headlines if Apple discontinued all of its iPads and stopped supporting them in the next iOS. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our Lady of Transitory Endeavor strikes yet again.


        1. Resignations from Sept to Dec in chronological order:

          Equifax CEO Richard Smith Sep. 26, 2017

          Dentsply Sirona Inc CEO Jeffrey T. Slovin Oct. 2, 2017
          Greater Naples CEO Paul Thein Oct. 4, 2017
          Pepsico CEO D Shivakumar Oct. 9, 2017
          Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun Oct. 12, 2017
          Oman Air CEO Paul Gregorowitsch Oct. 16, 2017
          ASCENDAS Funds Management CEO Chia Nam Toon Oct. 20, 2017
          Hudson’s Bay CEO Gerald Storch Oct. 20, 2017
          Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region CEO David Brady Oct. 28, 2017
          BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth Oct. 29, 2017
          Podesta Group founder Tony Podesta Oct. 30, 2017
          Menninger Clinic CEO Dr. C. Edward Coffey Oct. 31, 2017

          Renaissance Technologies CEO Robert Mercer Nov. 2, 2017
          Ardent Leisure CEO Simon Kelly Nov. 7, 2017
          El Al CEO David Maimon Nov. 8, 2017
          Altice CEO Michel Combes Nov. 9, 2017
          Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane CEO Themba Dlamini Nov. 14, 2017
          James Cancer Hospital CEO Michael Caligiuri Nov. 16, 2017
          PR Electric Power Authority CEO Ricardo L. Ramos Nov. 17, 2017
          Ellies CEO Wayne Samson Nov. 21, 2017
          Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman Nov. 22, 2017
          Oi SA CEO Marco Schroeder Nov. 24, 2017
          Tumblr CEO David Karp Nov. 27, 2017
          London Stock Exchange CEO Xavier Rolet Nov. 28, 2017
          Bruce Telecom CEO Bart Cameron Nov. 29, 2017
          TravelCenters of America LLC CEO Thomas O’Brien Nov. 30, 2017
          Tricentennial Commission CEO Edward Benavides Nov. 30, 2017

          City Light CEO Larry Weis Dec. 4, 2017
          Steinhoff’s R100bn CEO Markus Jooste Dec. 5, 2017
          Uchumi Supermarkets CEO Julius Kipng’etich Dec. 6, 2017
          Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool Dec. 8, 2017
          Deutsche Boerse CEO Carsten Kengeter Dec. 8, 2017
          Nation Media Group CEO Joe Muganda Dec. 11, 2017
          Cheil Worldwide CEO Daiki Lim Dec. 11, 2017
          Fenway Health CEO Dr. Stephen L. Boswell Dec. 11, 2017
          Diebold/Nixdorf CEO Andy Mattes Dec. 14, 2017
          Diebold/Nixdorf CEO Andy Mattes Dec. 14, 2017
          AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Dec. 15, 2017
          Vast Resources CEO Roy Pitchford Dec. 18, 2017
          Spackman Entertainment Group CEO Charles Spackman Dec. 18, 2017
          ESPN President John Skipper Dec. 18, 2017
          Innogy CEO Peter Terium Dec. 20, 2017
          Papa John CEO John Schnatter Dec. 22, 2017
          NYPD Police Chief Carlos Gomez retires Dec. 22, 2017
          Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt Dec. 22, 2017

  1. And I’m sure the market loves it. Apple is the only tech company that isn’t allowed to fail. Google and Amazon can blow all the billions they want on garbage and their stocks go up up up! But one report that iPhone X sales could, maybe, possibly be slightly below expectations and AAPL is down 5%.

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